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  1. Bryan, Glad you finally got a copy. I got mine after they were offered for sale. I was on the dive team in A/1/5. We conducted one of the deep SR missions in support of 7th Corps going into Iraq. Got pulled back after we got compromised and then went into Kuwait City. CD
  2. I remember those Christmas cards while at Bragg in 84/85'. Bought several boxes of them to use and sent out then. CD
  3. Glad you are taking care of it and preserving the history. Way before my time, I'm back with my brothers adding another chapter our desert history. CD
  4. I'll also say outstanding collection and thank you for preserving the history of this arms! CD
  5. Unit is the 5th SFG(A). Notice the flash on the beret. 5th changed the flash back to solid black with a white border in 1985. CD
  6. Haven't posted lately due to being back in Afghanistan. Found this helmet in the retrofit yard today as I was looking for weapon parts. Got me thinking of the long road this one has taken since 1914-1918, Eastern Front? CD
  7. The Army and Marines did try a replacement on the M60 series tank. It was the M85 machine gun and was nothing but trouble. M2 HB was restandardized on the next tank series the M1. CD
  8. As late as the mid 90s, there were at least 2ea Smith Model 10s (2", RB) in each SF battalion. They were the issued to our two Counter Intelligence personnel at the Battalion S-2. They were replaced with the SIG M11 (228) in 9mm. At this time Clinton was the president so, more then likely got melted down. Don't remember any "US Property" marks on them. As far as M1911A1 after the First Gulf War, in Oct 2003 I carried over 250 ea M1911A1 out of depot over to Iraq to be reissued to 5th SFGA. I know for a fact 5th and 10th SFGAs used them in Iraq. My last .45 I had in Iraq in 08' was had a
  9. Do you realize that the sling is still standard issue today on our sniper rifles? Here's a new one back in Iraq 05' on my .300 Win Mag 700. Used the sling shooting prone out to 1000 yds with my M14 NM at the All Army Matches in 06'. My son and I in Baghdad 04', same M14 NM. Everyone I've always been issued was untanned. Seen lots of new ones still in the bags that way. CD
  10. Nice Beretta and great documented history. CD
  11. Mark, I've been to all 3 locations but was referencing LSA Anaconda, Balad. CD
  12. Outstanding write up and history. With todays nomenclature in the Army that would have been a XM1896E1 or XM1904. The X designating a experimenal model and E experimental Authorized modification. IE the XM16E1 I was once issued was the protoype for the M16A1 rifle. Thanks for sharing. CD
  13. Outstanding job! Going to be a excellent display. CD
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