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  1. Hi All, I just got this OD overcoat hoping to use it for some period clothing with my car. It looks like an interwar jacket but the buttons are not correct. There is no makers tag in it other than the triangle sticking where I think it was. So I am thinking (hoping) it is a civilian type jacket of the 20/30’s. Any ideas? Thank you, mike
  2. Hi all, Trying to ID this jacket so I can get an idea of its value. Thank you, Mike
  3. Great uniforms and it is great that you still have them. I have what is left of my grandfathers uniforms (Navy and Army Air Forces), so I built them back up over the years. Regardless, here are some pointers: -take lost of photos and have them cleaned. They should still be strong enough to have them dry cleaned, but check all of the fabric and seams. -If you are going to wear them great, just remember they are almost 80 years old and they were your grandfathers, so you may want to take it easy with them. If you are just going to store them make sure you store them in either an acid free b
  4. BARman, $100 plus s&h is not bad. I use PECARDS on my antique shoes and it works wonders. My first posthere were about my black lace up riding boots which were very dry. I put about three coats of their antique leather conditioner on and let it sit for awhile. I just put another two coats on and the leather is so soft now. Hope this helps. Mike
  5. Hi Justin, Thanks again. From now on I will just email you with my questions as you have all of the answers. Mike
  6. What does the tag look like? Is there one? Mike
  7. Yeah Sigsaye I agree about the helmet part-I hate mine that they make us wear every time we play war in our Chem. suits. I did KP in basic once and enjoyed it, but then again I also worked in kitchens as a cook/bus boy so I knew what to do and was really fast at it. Nobody bothered me, I did my time and left. Mike
  8. Does anyone else find it a bit creepy to wear a recycled KIA uniform? I know most of the guys that wore these are now gone. But, if someone handed me a uniform from someone that was KIA, I don't know, I just find it a bit creepy. Mike
  9. I would want one just because so few survived and they would be a neat conversation piece. Mike
  10. More importantly, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to keep it as is or rebuild it to period correctness? Mike
  11. What is the patch on the right shoulder of the Battle dress Ike? Mike
  12. I talked to one gunner on the Enterprise and he said that as soon as they put to sea, enything that could burn was burned. They would pile things like uniforms and anything that wasn't necessary into a bonfire to protect the ship later. Mike
  13. I like the fact that one of hats comes with the rain cover. I also love the rate badge. Mike
  14. I remember when P-coats and most everything else Navy was dirt cheap because nobody wanted it. Now, everyone thinks they have a gold mine so prices have sky rocketed. I have seen a basic dress blue enlisted on ebay for $200-nobody bought it if I remember correctly. So Buyer beware when it comes to prices. P-coats are now routinely listed for over $200, but I don't if that is what they actually sell for. Mike
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