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    I'm a historian by academics and career. I love to tell the stories of those who came before us and keep their memory alive. If you would like to chat about history feel free to reach out. Thanks

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  1. Based on the crimp brooch it seems to be a 1970-current medal? So a modern PH?
  2. Great looking vest. I’ll definitely keep you in my prayers.
  3. Charles V. Case is still missing and is honored on the Tablets of the Missing, Honolulu Memorial. He was 21 years old. ... Credit to: The First Battalion of the 28th Marines on Iwo Jima: A Day-by-Day. By Robert E. Allen. (Where I pulled the historical tidbits) The USMF. (Members on the USMF for their expertise and assistance) SeniorLife Newspaper. (Where the photo article of Pfc. Charles V. Case came from) .
  4. Due to current events I can’t do my usual deep dive into research. Big thanks to the forum members, they know who they are. I’m going to post in the latest acquisition forum and when I’m able to do a thorough post, I’ll post it in the medals section. Charles Vern Case was born April 7, 1923 to his parents Charles and Bernice Case of Elkhart, Indian. As a Marine with 28th Marine Regiment, 5th Marine Division, Case was involved with the fighting on Iwo Jima. On the night of March 1-2, 1945, Case left his foxhole and disappeared somewhere in the vicinity of Hill 362A.
  5. I saw this this morning. It sure looks bad.
  6. Daytonian, You sound a lot like me. I get very passionate about history and sometimes its hard to stop myself. Like you Im semi obsessed with having a museum attitude to my history. I spend the vast majority of my time researching and working on properly displaying and preserving items. .
  7. Received my book today. Ive only skimmed through it and I am already hooked and happy like a school kid. I think this deserve me buying a second copy. ?
  8. So beast, to clarify youre looking to hang picture frames from a vertical wall? I want to make sure were working with the correct medium...a standard type picture frame?
  9. WW1: for award to all personnel who served in active duty with the armed forces between 6 April, 1917 and 11 November 1918. WW2: to all members of the armed forces who served at least one day active federal service between 7 December 1941 and 31 December 1946. From the Call of Duty: military awards and decorations of the United States of America.
  10. Check Of invaluable service in rebel lines. Presented by me co-prisoner Col. Scott 68th O volunteers to aid in my escape. Im have a little issue deciphering this message. Were they prisoners together in the same POW camp? Were they just co-prisoners in a POW association and this was presented as just a gift? Scott was a POW in Georgia which was an officers camp that was partially associated with Andersonville. Anyhow, I came across this. GWB (George W. Bowers) escapes from an officer compound in South Carolina. Again Im not sure what this means for the George map. Like you Im also confused about having a map during your escape. I did find that George W. Bowers was president of the Union-POW Association at one point. Maybe it was given as a gift to Scott? Just some thoughts.
  11. Erwin, Here is a good resource to go to for engraving styles and helping to know what the hearts should look like. https://web.archive.org/web/20070715050759/http://www.purplehearts.net/ .
  12. So two follows up questions. You mentioned WFD 958, most Ive seen have WFD 11A? Im also curious, what were the standard sizes? Ive seen 26 x 18, 26 x 16, and obviously the smaller 12 x 9. It seems Ive seen the sizes range all over the place? .
  13. A quick search finds 4 William McCutcheon from Ohio. Do you know where in Ohio he was from?
  14. How big are your paper items. Are they standard that theyd fit in a standard file folder?
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