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    I'm a historian by academics and career. I love to tell the stories of those who came before us and keep their memory alive. If you would like to chat about history feel free to reach out. Thanks

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  1. I had this question posted to me and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. Supposedly the gentleman’s father was part of 1st Army HQ and he helped liberate a camp/prison location. Does anyone know of any such thing by 1st Army HQ?
  2. I’m updating this with some info transcribed from an autobiography... George Augustus Reed was born in Missouri July 25, 1912, to his parents Frank and Mildred Reed. Following his childhood, Reed went to college where he earned a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Colorado State University. In 1938 he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and was enlisted into the Army out of Springfield, Missouri on March 28, 1940. Marrying his wife Sylvia, Reed was stationed as the Provost Marshall of Fort Des Moines, Iowa when he was approached in November 1
  3. I didn’t see this posted anywhere, if it is feel free to delete/combine... 2021 starts soon, what goals do you have as we start a new year? For me I have two things on my list. 1. KIA Telegram/Group. 2. Navy KIA PH. 3. Keep cataloging and organizing. (perfecting these stories never ends)
  4. Dennis, I’m a sucker for ephemera groups and this is the best I’ve seen in awhile. Great group there, sir.
  5. Have you thought about airing them out, like on a screened in back porch?
  6. Trevor, As I dig into his story, here’s what I’ve come up with. The Assault on Peleliu by the Marine Corps Historical Division (1950) has... 5th Marines, 3rd Battalion landing on Orange Beach 2 on Sept. 15th with Company I on the left, Company K on the right, and Company L coming in just behind the assault wave. By Oct. 13th, 3rd Battalion was the only unit of the 5th Marines still on the line. On Oct. 14th, following a napal strike, company I attacked the ridges and according to the Regimental War Diary came under “severe enemy sniper fire.”
  7. This is my most recent project. A fellow forum member asked about it so here it is to share... Corp. Emmett A. smith, Company I, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Active at Cape Glouster and Peleliu. Was killed in action Oct. 14, 1944, Peleliu, from a gunshot wound to the neck. He was only 20 years old at the time of his death. You will always be remembered. Big thanks to those who helped on this. Now I need to wait for the archive to open. P.S. Sorry about the glare from the archival sleeves. ~Without a witnes
  8. Welcome aboard Trevor. I actually almost bought this group a few months back but was offered a “favorite battle” piece of my own, Peleliu. Nice find sir.
  9. Thanks Jason. I had no clue and google was little help.
  10. A friend asked me to ID this. I’m not a patch guy but my guess is that it’s fantasy with the usual eagle/colony stars/color. What say you patchers? thanks.
  11. It’s the system we used at the archive I worked at. Each group/collection/item got its own number. The items themselves were either individually tagged or for example on photos, had the number written on the back in pencil. These collections then usually correspond to some sort of spread sheet or a physical master file that had the information about said collection.
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