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    Viet Nam Vet. 87th Inf. Delta Co. 1972. Collect Civil War Corps Badges and I.D. Disc

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  1. Hello Mike. I know nothing about slings , it looks good to me . Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable members will chime in. Happy Memorial Day. Mike
  2. That is the neatest helmet I’ve seen in a long time. Great find Ron thanks for posting. Mike
  3. Great looking diorama .The craftsmanship is very impressive. The watercolor work , figures and scenery are all top shelf .Thanks for posting. Mike
  4. Beautiful cord. Hopefully someone will post more info. I can’t date it for you but it sure looks nice. Thanks for posting. Mike
  5. Very nice. And I’am guessing ,very rare ? Thanks for posting . Mike
  6. Great video. That guy knows his tanks. Thanks for posting Frank. Mike
  7. Hey Frank. Thanks for commenting. I don’t have them on display. My wife and I are both retired ,we have children scattered from Michigan to LosAngles with 3 brand new grandchildren and we are in Florida. Between shows ,family travel and fun trips we weren’t home very much so they got boxed up and put in a safe deposit box.The images I use are inventory photos I took before storing them. I hope this pandemic is over or at least manageable soon ,so we can get on the road again. I see the ASMIC show will be in Fayetteville in September and would love to set up there. Thanks again. Mike
  8. Thanks for commenting guys , I appreciate it. Mike
  9. A very rare Eagle Disc type 5D with 1861,2,3 and 4 on the obverse . This is the only one of this style disc I have seen.The,”Identification Disc book by Larry Maier and Joseph Stahl “ list this type as 5D extremely rare .Meaning out of 615 observed disc 4 or less were this type. Another noteworthy thing about this disc is the misspelling of his last name.He served in the 18th Corps Army Of The James at Bermuda Hundred Va. and Petersburg.
  10. A great find and amazing display. Thanks for posting. Mike
  11. Hey Mike. This is a known fantasy piece , there are 4 or 5 similar ones named to different Confederates. There was a small booklet published on these half dollar pieces 20 or so years ago.A google search “ Civil War Pender Disc “ will bring up several good articles on them. Mike
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