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  1. Congrats on re-uniting the A-2, absolutely breathtaking grouping and the stuff of collectors dreams...
  2. Tasty group & an even tastier Back Pad. Am i jealous?? Yes i am, it also reminds me to chase down the few items missing from mine!!
  3. Meeting Saturday Sabre?? Damn, i'm heading down on the Tuesday & Wednesday so it looks like i'm gonna miss ya...
  4. Beat up, certainly. Oozing character, definatly!!
  5. I've been collecting for 35 years & have always focused on my core of RNZAF though over the years, like many others, i've branched off as interesting groups present themselves. U-Boat, Luft Paratrooper, Glider Pilot Regiment, Heer Pz uniform & insignia haved passed through my hands but i've managed to keep my collection of Heer, Luft & WSS assault gunner uniform. And like most collectors who have responded to this posting, i get much more enjoyment from a focused collection, branching off causes you to take your eye off the ball & qualitity peices get lost amongst the oddme
  6. I have to agree with this comment as i've had to do the same to secure a broken up group. 0% credit cards are possibly the best for a short term loan (for want of a better word) I think you'll regret it if you don't. Good luck!! PS. i think you'll find selling the kids is illegal, i know because it tried to trade them for militaria in the past
  7. Hiya Ric, another friendly face!! See ya in 6 months, save a chilled beer for me. Kerry
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