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    Early 1900 to current US militaria. I also play the highland bagpipes. I have a set of Keith Jeffers custom pipes and a set of late 1800's cocuswood and ivory pipes of undetermined make.

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  1. Thanks for re-uploading. This is a great reference! I'll contribute this pistol belt. -Matt.
  2. Thanks! And yeah I have played for years. Not currently with a band though. -Matt.
  3. I found this little gem. I know others exist, as well as cartridge belts with the British buckle, but this is the first one I've ever found. It's missing a keeper and has some wear and stains. -Matt.
  4. That is one heck of a nice canteen set! Early (EGA snap) cover updated with LDT snaps. The metal tube inside the hanger tab is a giveaway. -Matt.
  5. Could these be post WWII? I don't see how though cause my grandparents moved in around 1950, or a little earlier. Houses built in 1947. There is no tetanus date either, is that unusual? -Matt.
  6. I was metal detecting behind my house today and I found an area where there was clearly a trash dump/burn barrel. To my amazement I pulled out two dog tags. At first I thought they were going to be another set of my Grandfather's that maybe he threw out. But they aren't. There was one other guy that lived in this house for only a few years before moving and my family bought it. Nobody can remember his name but they could be his. I searched NARA every way but can't get a single hit. What else can I try? Google comes up empty too. P.S. I'll be sifting the dirt in that spot another day. There
  7. Nothing on this one? It must be super duper rare....lol. -Matt.
  8. Can anybody tell me what this is? The clutches are marked "Hermes" on one, and "Made in USA" on the other. -Matt.
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