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  1. Have any of you ever seen a Civil War soldier-made ID tag like this? I picked this up today for a great price at a coin show in Kansas City.
  2. I found this picture in a box of my great great grandmother's (Edith Blanch Griffith (1876-1961) possessions. It said that this gentleman was the grandson of a man she dated, but i am having a hard time identifying the uniform. I think it is American because of the marksman badge, but she was British and lived most of her life in Barbados or British Guyana. Can anyone tell me what the other two medals are? Also, I have no idea what kind of uniform this is, but I am guessing it is some type of cadet uniform. Any ideas? For a larger version of this photograph, go here: ht
  3. Thank you. (I figured it was WWII because it is exactly like my grandpa's.)
  4. Hello. I have this WWII era (I think...) "dixie cup" hat and I have no idea what any of the stenciling on it means. Can anyone on here help? As far as I can tell, it reads: CARSON MC 424 D50 44 42 Does any of this mean anything to anyone? Is CARSON the sailor's last name? Might MC be initials for his first and middle name? What does the rest mean? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hello. I bought this at an estate sale with several other WWII era USMC items, but I can't seem to identify this collar? emblem. I have looked through the reference information on this forum, but I still can't find one like it. It has no markings on it anywhere. Can anyone here help me? Thank you.
  6. Hello. I was searching on eBay today and I found a copy of the yearbook (1919 William Jewell) I took this picture from for sale for $29.99. http://www.ebay.com/itm/310395395447 I think this is a pretty great price! Sorry I could not sell you mine.
  7. I picked these items up at an antique store.
  8. I sent William Jewell an email today and I am going to follow it up with a call on Monday. They have to have a better photo of Chaplain Walter O. Lewis. I will keep you informed. :thumbsup:
  9. Here is your picture of Chaplain Walter O. Lewis. If you want the details on the photograph and a better resolution photograph, send me a message with your e-mail.
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