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  1. Thanks much aznation!! that is some great info on the soldier to add to the handbook!
  2. Received this cool soldiers handbook and wanted to share the ledger part of it. Any help of finding more info on the soldier would be appreciated!
  3. Had a great time talking and meeting people at the show! it was a little slow but good conversation made the time go by quick! I sold some cool stuff....still came home with a carload. Great seeing you Gil Sanow! hope everybody has a good show coming up at MAPS next Sunday!
  4. I just picked up this large hat badge and would like to find out more. The gentleman told me that it was from a great Uncle and he supposedly was a Zouave. He stated that the family had his uniform for a long time, he remembers seeing it as a child but it was thrown away years ago by a family member. Any help on a ID of this is appreciated. By the way, I bought the item not the story.......
  5. Yes, I think you are right. It is a cool piece with some nice patina...and as always, buy the item not the story!
  6. Thanks for the quick replies....definitely gives me a direction to go with! the detective work is most of the fun for me!
  7. I just recently got this grouping and was hoping a member could tell me more about the skull and crossbones. It is a heavy cast piece! I am trying to find out more about the man who served and brought these items back. Thanks for any help, Andy
  8. My Dad was authorized to wear the Permanent Enlisted Cuttermans Insignia in 1975, I would assume the first available. It is recorded on his DD214 from late 1975. I started collecting the USCG Cutterman insignia years back and started with a few pieces bought on the bay. When my Dad gave me his uniform, I got to check out his Cutterman insignia and realized it was also 1/20 silver filled. All of the new ones are not silver. I have seen a USCG uniform from 1978 that had the Cuttermans insignia and the gentleman said it was the original one, and it was not silver. I think that the silver filled C
  9. Dont know if you guys and gals have heard, but photobucket stopped providing 3rd party hosting (like uploading a pic there and posting it here) for their free accounts. From what I can tell, there are alot of forums I frequent that have long standing threads that are usless info. Photobucket is basically holding the photo sharing hostage, get a paying account and you can share your pics again. Kudos to the USMF for foreseeing this type of problem and making members post pics through the forum!
  10. excellent...you are good my friend! a quick google search with your suggestion and I found this pic! thanks very much!
  11. Just found some more USAF goodies at a garage sale yesterday! The gym bag had the vets blue duffel bag in it and in the duffel was 2 ties, 2 belts, a blue hat cover and his garrison cap! he states it is all from 1960.
  12. I got this at a garage sale today...the guy said he thought it had something to do with pilots. the only marking on it is stamped MIJ-1-9 and it measures 46" across and came in a small cloth bag. thanks for the help!
  13. This looks like fun...anyone hearing any info about this? I am interested in finding out how the swap meet is going to work. http://www.ixcenter.com/Visitors/Schedule_of_Events.aspx?eventid={978B76C0-35EA-4554-86C4-85298C2862F9}&oDate=5-2017
  14. Just got a duffle bag filled with early 1960's USAF uniforms from a local veteran. This was a treat to be the first person to unpack it in over 50 years! I can take more pics if anybody wants. just let me know! I am interested in finding out more about the ultramarine scarf (ascott?) that was in the bag....I have gone through this whole thread and have not seen a blue one. pictures of the unpacking
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