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  1. If the thing is still armed and you are on the receiving end of it....it is definately unheathy! I would follow the other advices given here as well. Laury
  2. I remember the movie "Baby Blue Marine"....sometime in the mid to late 1970s as I recall. I think it was largely a Hollywood creation. I went in the US Air Force in 1982 and my Flight did not loose anyone to separation or a recycle. I was told that it had been about 10 years that a flight went through clean like that. Not sure if that is true or not? There were 5 of us that were considered prior service and "bypassed" basic....I was one of those. The only thing we "bypassed" was having to mess with the graduation. We basically did everything it took to graduate basic training, we jus
  3. To answer the original question: Enlist in the armed service of your choice and spend a few years learning how things are done. If you still want to play soldier after that...then you will know how. :w00t:
  4. They are for mounting a single miniature medal. :thumbsup:
  5. The branch of service brass is wrong too, but you never know. Also makes me wonder why there isn't a CIB or CMB since there is a combat patch. I would think the CIB would be closer to right due to the Infantry bos insignia. But anything is possible. No campaign stars on the VSM either, but that was very often overlooked.
  6. I am not a uniform collector so much, but do remember these Nomex uniforms. I think it is a good example of all Vietnam made insignia for a CW2 aviator. All of the Vietnamese made "Eagle Rising" Warrant Officer branch insignia I've seen looked similar to the "squashed bug" look as this one. As far as the odd colors on the rank insignia, I'm not really surprised by them. Remember back in those days, warrant officer rank was brown and gold for WO1 and CW2. For CW3 and CW4, it was brown and silver. Remember too that warrant officer ranks are the smallest batch of ranks in the US Army..
  7. I would think stick it in the deep freeze instead of heating it. Cold makes things contract....heat makes things expand. I've used this method on hard drives that wouldn't spin up and it worked...it may work on swords too. I am pretty sure I would try the cold method before the heat method???? Laury
  8. Here are some of my cloth versions. I think I have a couple of metal ones somewhere. Laury
  9. I have 3 (I think?) National Guard ribbons. One of them was the Alabama Commendation Medal. I was asked if I wanted an awards ceremony and thought about having one for about 15 minutes. I changed my mind and decided I didn't need a ceremony for this one. I have 21 different ribbons and medals and only ever had two of them pinned on me. As soon as I said I didn't really want a ceremony for the Alabama Commendation Medal, the full size medal that was going to be pinned on me was taken away. I was kind of ticked off by this....later a guy I knew in Personnel gave me a medal for the one
  10. I have several variations of cloth color and subdued badges and one or two metal ones. I've always thought this was a neat looking badge. Laury
  11. Also, PBR (Papst Blue Ribbon) and Old Milwaukee come to mind....not sure if those are still around? But beer was more of a base camp thing...not even a fire base and never on a patrol setting (you gotta stay sharp out there). Just something to keep in mind. Laury
  12. Some Schlitz, Black Label or the occasional Budweiser...all in cans would be more fitting for American Soldiers....and then not in the field but more back in Base Camp....especially while relaxing and grilling some steaks. I'm sure there were some other vintage brands that would work as well....I just can't think of them at the moment. The "33" would be OK for down in the village, but not really at the base camp. I'll see if I can dig up some of the base camp beer pics I have. Good job! Laury
  13. The Senior and Master parachute wings weren't authorized until 1949 and in the Army regulations until 1950. Even after that time, regardless of the number of jumps a trooper has, they have to be Jumpmaster qualified to get the Senior or Master wings. I knew a guy once that had 618 jumps, but had never gone to the Jumpmaster Course, so still wore basic wings. When asked about it, he said he never wanted the responsibility. These wings could be from prior to the authorization of the Senior and Master ratings or from someone who wasn't a Jumpmaster. Without knowing for sure, there is no n
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