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  1. Dear all, here is my favorite pilot wing. I think it is the earliest pattern of modern pilot wing. pin open 90 and there is a "sterling" marking on the hinge. thanks for your attention. CM
  2. Thanks for all reply! After searching all my reference, I find a similar pattern in Charles "30 years of us army pilot wings". numer 110 is a H&H command pilot wing.
  3. Dear all, this is my new command pilot wing with "H & H" and a bird marking. Pin open 90 degree. I think it is ww2 item made by HH company. Just want to hear your opinion. thanks CM
  4. Patrick, bobgee and beast thanks for the very useful info. CM
  5. Dear all, here is my new wing. it is a gold colored pilot wing without any marking in the back. pin and hinge is pre-ww2 style. I think it is a pre-ww2 wing. Based on Patrick's web page, gold pilot wing always used as civil instructor wing. Hope to hear your opinion. Thanks CM
  6. I have a "L" wing and pilot wing with coin silver marking. I will show my pic later.
  7. sorry, this is due to the lighting. it show some gloden color, but not too bright. I add some new pic becuase I want to draw attention to the strange hinge of ths wing. I never saw this type hinge before. I don't know whether it is intact or only a part. Any info. is appreciated.
  8. It seems that nobody want to share some idea about this wing.
  9. I need your opinion about this navy pilot wing. there is a sterling marking in the back. Show good feather detail. I think it is a good ww1 wing. Any information about this wing is appreciated!
  10. I just got this wing. I search all my references. "30 years of US army pilot wings" show a similar pattern and suggest that it is made by NORSID. But I never saw the hallmark of NORSID. Anybody has a pic showing NORSID marking. Thanks!
  11. thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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