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  1. Medals of America used to sell replicas of those style medals out of their catalog years ago.
  2. Well, to answer the original question, if you go through his Wikipedia page, you'll see his awards listed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobart_R._Gay
  3. Just a few more red flags on the dress uniform. That's not how medals are mounted on a Marine dress uniform. The uniform regulations specifically talk about the number of medals per row. Also, the unit citations aren't displayed four across over the right breast — when wearing the unit citations and other ribbons that do not have medals associated with them, they are worn three across. Also, the colonel insignia is too far inward.
  4. The American Campaign ribbon is upside down.
  5. I know I sound like a broken record, but in addition to the name tag being in the wrong place, the general staff insignia is probably just pinned on there since it isn't aligned properly in the first place, and a lieutenant general would probably not be wearing branch insignia anyway.
  6. Can somebody please tell me the names of the Korean ribbons pictured here? The one with the rosette and the one directly below it? Thank you.
  7. It's the unofficial WWI victory ribbon.
  8. In the 90's, you could still buy MoH ribbons from the Kaufman's West catalog. They were 4.95. I also remember when Medals of America was a print catalog, you could purchase replicas of the older strikes of the MoH as well. And if you're a MoH recipient, I'm sure you could have as many MsoH that you'd want. And, if anybody goes around asking you if you own a MoH, I'm sure another military rule could apply in this situation — don't ask, don't tell.
  9. You may also have to consider the person who has this medal in their collection may not have any intention of selling it back. This is why some collectors are so hesitant to post pictures of named medals they have acquired. There are always stories about how people have tried contacting the owners of the medals asking for them back. Collecting named medals is definitely a slippery slope. I try and stay away from named medals for this exact reason.
  10. Jarhead8007, Those are interesting shots of his ribbon bar. Also interesting is how he seems to have the silver citation star on his WWI Victory ribbon, yet on others he only has the Maltese Cross attachment. Are there any records of General Butler being authorized the silver star attachment?
  11. And for General Butler's ribbon bar, I used this photo as a reference. This is a photo of a reproduction of his ribbon bar from another member on this board.
  12. This is the picture I used for Chesty Puller's ribbon bar. It is my understanding there were several different combinations of ribbon bars that were worn, particularly since there are foreign awards on a lot of these ribbon bars.
  13. Sad to think whoever put that poster together didn't think to run it by an editor. The Navy and Marine Corps medal ribbon is upside down. And yes, you Silver Star is missing its silver star.
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