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  1. Randy...never thought about the exchange pilot idea. I am not sure if he was , as I only have his rating cards and id. I have been trying to look his records up online, but haven’t found much. I had run across the Kadena ZZ patch before, but disregarded due to being Air Force. Will check into it again along the lines of exchange pilot. Unfortunately, most of my experience is with the ground, either with a ruck or landing on it. Not well versed when it comes to pilot flight info.
  2. Thank you for starting me in a direction... I can’t seem to find anything like it. The other issue is whether it is ZZ or NN depending on which way it is turned.
  3. Any help on where to look for this patch would be greatly appreciated
  4. This patch was in a collection of items from, US navy pilot LCDR Keith F. Albrect, He served during WWII, Korea, & Vietnam. I believe the patch to be Korea or Vietnam era. It has an embroidered edge as opposed to the earlier cut edge. According to some of his rating paperwork, he flew fixed wing and helo's.
  5. This badge was in a group of items I picked up a long time ago. I know they are a rendition of the USAF Astronaut wings, but are made of cast metal with the pin inset during casting. I dont believe these were made for wear, but could be a prototype of some sort. Measures Approx. 3-1/4" x 1-1/2" Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. I think you may be onto something with BREST France. I took a look at ships close to the time frame of the Mississippi and the closest I could find with 3 stacks and 2 towers was the Virginia (BB-13 to BB-17) & Connecticut (BB-18 to BB-22, BB-25) Class ships. Let me know what you thoughts may be on those.
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum to post. I have tried researching this pin , but no luck. It tests sterling and 10k gold (letters) I believe it is a Pre-Dreadnought Battleship. The lettering looks to me like BRESi with the Si worn off. ANY help with the ID and ANY info. would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I forgot to add the the label is signed PFC Floyd (G. or S.) Griffith Ellinwood, Kansas U.S.A.
  9. I picked this bag up recently and have never seen a paper tag like this one. Any ideas?
  10. I was told this tin originally held goggles, but without being able to read Japanese characters I really have no idea. Can anyone help with the translation/ID on the tin?
  11. WW2 blade marked 'Camillus N.Y.' 'USN' with the Nut Pommel Knife. It has stamps on both the handle and the sheath. The camillus has the #30 stamped on the handle and the sheath has a #20. Any ideas about the stamps??
  12. Any examples proving or disproving the authenticity of the badge or some solid basic information would go a long way in helping me figure this out. Anyone else?
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