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  1. I just finish the identification, with the help of golden arrow The soldier was a half track driver of the 53rd armored (4th armored division). He received the purple heart in France (8/1944) . He fought in normandy, France, Ardennes,... So I suppose the skull and bones are for a half track driver
  2. Thanks for your help, I,dont think it's a korean helmet, it was found in France and there is a ww2 ASN I come back to you with more informations I hope Bertrand
  3. Thanks a lot for your answers. The bomb disposal is effectly the most interesting suggestion I contact geoff to help me to discover more about the soldier, it would be very helpful for the identification of the insignia Stay in touch! Bertrand
  4. Thanks for your help, I think its the picture, there is no shellac on the shell for me, I made another picture with this nice weather I suppose it's not a coast guard helmet because we have an army helmet (paint in green) and an army ASN Maybe a minesweeper?
  5. Hello everyone, Here is a new helmet from my collection, coming from France. It's a nice fixed bail, with skull and bones insignia on the shell and the liner. There is an asn into the shell but the file burned I suppose. There is a strange marking into it but cant read good, someone know the meaning of it? I read : INF ?53 FUPT Someone know this marking from an unit? Dont think it's for a coast guard, the ASN is for an army soldier and the shell is green Thanks a lot Bertrand
  6. For me it's not a piece of shirt, it's looks effectively like twill
  7. Thanks a lot for your answer Bertrand
  8. Hello everyone, I just need your help to know more about this pathfinder patch. It was removed from an uniform and put in an album Looks like ww2? It's a US made fabrication for me, not british. I cant put another picture unfortunatly Thanks Bertrand
  9. Thanks a for your comments, and a big thank you for the picture! It's really the same helmet, great! Bertrand
  10. Hello Guys, here is a new discovery, coming from Belgium. It's a nice fixed bail with 15th army and Mp painted on the shell. The marking is really uncommon, I dont find any pictures with the same army marking. The liner is a westinghouse with MP marking too
  11. Hello Guys, I just find this ww2 dog tag from James H Parsons He was a glider, XVIII airborne corps but dont find his unit. He is not on the 17th airborne roster so maybe in the 82nd or 101st airborne Thanks to discover more about him Bertrand
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