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  1. Found this patch on the internet confirming the 132nd (MAINEIacs) sqn was indeed located on Incirlik AB as part of Enduring Freedom!
  2. On the internet I found that the 132nd was deployed in support of the operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Not sure where they were located though in the 2005 period?
  3. The painting was done at Pop’s leather (Incirlik Air Base Turkey) in 2005 can be read on the back. Air National Guard badge with velcro backing also seems to be custom made. Were these types of paintings actually worn in “action”? Or is this just for off duty use? Have not come across another painted one yet. Any pics around of similar ones being worn? Thanks for your help and info in advance.
  4. This is probably a Japanese version but unmarked. As the veterans did not have easy acces to replacement CIBs you see a lot of Korea period items with replacement for the pins as they were often damaged in regular wear.
  5. In Korea they had access to PX stores and of course they also went to Japan for R&R and bought items there. Here a few reduced size variations and photo's of them being worn by Dutch men. The period pictures are not mine but from internet. Gemsco pinback and an unmarked version.
  6. Thanks for the reaction! Have you seen this version before?
  7. And some examples of the CIB being worn by Dutch soldiers in Korea. The original pictures are not mine but from the internet! If you want to read some more about the medals and insignia worn by the Duch in Korea you can read my blog here: https://www.erikscollectables.com/2019/05/18/dutch-united-nations-detachment-in-korea-ndvn-medals-and-insignia/
  8. Unknown version - who can help identify this pin back version? Also from a Dutch veteran of the Korean war - could not find a similar one in the 78 pages of CIB here and do not have the book by Tucker so I hope there is help on the forum! Front:
  9. And reverse accompanied by two 2nd Div DIs by the same company.
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