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  1. Not sure how many here are Ice Hockey fans, but a Medal of Honor Recipient was honored at the beginning of Game 5 in Tampa Florida during the National Anthem Stanley Cup Finals. Below is the background behind his action that earned the medal and a few pictures from You Tube and also from the game tonight. CITATION:
  2. Like you say you had limited options and nothing to lose. Others may disagree, but the end result was better than doing nothing. Plus, it should prevent the corrosion from completely destroying the medal.
  3. These are pretty bad and beyond repair I am afraid to say. This stuff is extremely difficult to remove, even on medals that show even small signs of the corrosion. Below are a couple of articles I found online: 1. If the verdigris is light, wiping with vinegar may remove it. Follow with a water rinse. Verdigris can be cleaned from brass and copper with a solution of ammonia and salt. These are kitchen recipes... test on some silver jewellery or an old silver dime that isnt worth much. Etching the silver is not a good thing. Restoration and cleaning of medals @ http://www.angelfire.com/n
  4. Here's a nice tool for organizing ribbons. http://kepler.pratt.duke.edu/USCGRibbons.html
  5. Thanks Bruce. Sounds like a good start.
  6. I'm more up on researching Victorian and WW1/WW2 Commonwealth Soldiers than US. Recently came into possession of a grouping of medals that includes a PH and Victory Medal along with a French Medal and New Hampshire Award Cross for WW1 Service. PH Details: Second type Split Brooch - Numbered 19582 and Named "GEORGE H. LEVESQUE" Victory Medal Details: 2 Bars: Defensive Sector/Meuse-Argonne I would be grateful if someone can pass along how I could proceed finding something else on this fellow.
  7. The one thing that stands out with most of the Naval MOH's is the anchor suspension to the two wire rings coming off the pendant. Whether they are modern or older medals they all appear to be the same. You see some examples with the wire rings have been flattened to better hold onto the anchor and yet others with wire or string to keep the anchor from popping out of the rings. This seems to be a rather strange suspension design so prone to having the two pieces come apart much too easily. Its very perplexing that this design has remained unchanged since the early versions of this medal. Th
  8. Interesting. Besides the few Graco marked MOH listed on e-medals, this is the first I have seen with Provenance that they were actually bestowed. Also noteworthy is the British Military Medal in the grouping.
  9. Here is another ROTC Medal I have in my collection. ROTC Medal for HeroismROTC cadets who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism performed on or off campus. Act must result in accomplishment so exceptional / outstanding as to set cadet apart from others in similar circumstances and must involve acceptance of danger or extraordinary responsibilities exemplifying praiseworthy fortitude and courage.
  10. Allan, not sure I have any info as to exactly what they were awarded for. I will check my info at home to see if I managed to get any details when I got them years and years ago.
  11. Army ROTC Cadet - Superior Service Medal - Junior Division
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