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  1. Thank you all! Glad to add this one to the collection. - Jakob
  2. I completely agree with you. I think returning a helmet because a gamble didn’t pay off is a horrible practice, and it is probably the reason why Costa is not responding to anyone on this thread. Not trying to defend what he did at all, just calling it out. As for suspecting the seller of being “Sreamingeagles101”, I think that is a bit far fetched. The person selling the helmet rarely has any military items for sale. In the photos, nothing looks wrong with the helmet. It’s a WWII liner and shell with a post-war cover that’s named to a Marine who served in the mid to late 50’s. The
  3. Definitely not an original cover. The cut is off, the colors are off, no sawtooth stitching on the beach side, and of course the infamous pac-man in the pattern. Either the seller is bidding it up, or someone is going to learn an expensive lesson. - Jakob
  4. I think you are all looking into this too much. When costa originally bought this helmet for over $1100, he probably thought it was an untouched WWII USMC helmet. When he got it and realized it was a post-Korean war helmet, he most likely returned it because let’s face it, a stateside late 50s Marine helmet is not worth anything near $1000+. This is why shelling out that much money for a helmet with bad photos is not a good idea. Simply asking for more photos could have avoided all of this. - Jakob
  5. Recently picked up this named Ranger modified DCU. I believe it belonged to ret. CSM Jesse N a v a r r o. He was a Squad leader in 2003 with 3rd BN, so I think that might’ve been when he wore this shirt. It’s definitely been used, and has the stains to show it. Overall, glad to have picked this piece up. Not too often do you come across Ranger DCUs that still have the name tape. - Jakob
  6. Interesting. I have a 2nd pattern ERDL jacket with the contract number 5925. If you want, I can PM you my email to send the pictures to so I can post them on here. It’d be great to have pictures of another 2nd pattern ERDL on here. - Jakob
  7. Do you have a picture of the jacket? - Jakob
  8. The RAF wore the branch tape on the right side, so this Air Force officer was probably just following their regulations. - Jakob
  9. IMHO it looks like a good, wartime Japanese made patch. Some from the period did have merrowed edges. - Jakob
  10. Looks like a legit 101st AB ERDL jacket. All of the insignia is theater made with the exception of the 101st patch. Nice find. - Jakob
  11. The jacket was listed on eBay at one point. If I remember correctly, it was dated 1989. - Jakob
  12. Nice jacket. Is it for sale? Also, that isn’t a CBI patch, it’s a MAAG Formosa (Taiwan) patch, so I don’t see any problems with it being on the jacket. - Jakob
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