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  1. Here’s one that belonged to a vet who did two tours in Vietnam. I also have his ERDL pants, jungle boots, uniform, and other misc items from him. Both tapes are removed, it has a US made 101st AB patch and Vietnamese made “RAIDER FORCE” tab, and a Vietnamese tailored shooting pad. The jacket is salty, just the way I like them. - Jakob
  2. Thank you all! I’m very happy to see these bringbacks ID’d to a soldier who was there for most of the 80th ID’s time in the ETO.
  3. This NSDAP Reichs level political leaders visor and buckle were brought back by Ssgt. Michael M e h a l i c, who was in the 80th Infantry Division throughout the war. During his time in the 80th ID he earned a BS, PH, and CIB. Everything is in good shape considering their age. Hopefully I can find a new wreath for the visor, and I know that the two missing vents will probably be impossible to find. If you’d like to see more photos feel free to ask. - Jakob
  4. All of them are modern, computer guided reproductions. - Jakob
  5. Recently picked up these two unnamed Purple Hearts. Normally I don’t pick these up, but the person I got them from had the name of the veteran and a couple of items he brought back, so I figured I’d keep it all together (will post the bring backs in the spoils of war section). According to the seller, his name was Michael M e h a l i c and he lived in Latrobe PA his entire life. With that information, I found out that he was in the 80th Infantry Division and received a PH and BS. Hopefully more of his stuff surfaces because I’d like to keep it all together. - Jakob
  6. Do you have the helmet in hand? It looks like it’s been painted over with gold paint which would explain why the insignia is hard to see. - Jakob
  7. Ditto what everyone has said. Were they used by advisors? Yes. But it was VERY rare, and they were private purchased hunting clothes. What you have is a set of hunting clothes. If you have provenance connecting it to an advisor then you can say they belonged to one. Otherwise, like what everyone else has said, it’s just hunting clothes. I get that this is not what you want to hear, but there is no excuse to get mad at everyone here for simply telling you the truth and not sugar coating what you have. - Jakob
  8. It’s a recently made reproduction. - Jakob
  9. To me it looks like an early 3rd pattern poplin jacket. Yours looks pretty used which would explain why the poplin feels so thin. I have a similar one lying around somewhere. I’ll take a look at it soon to compare. - Jakob
  10. To me, everything looks like modern reproductions. The boonie hat is no good, all the tiger stripe fatigues are repros, and I’m personally not a fan of the tiger stripe patrol cap, though better pictures would help. - Jakob
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