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  1. Ditto what everyone has said. Were they used by advisors? Yes. But it was VERY rare, and they were private purchased hunting clothes. What you have is a set of hunting clothes. If you have provenance connecting it to an advisor then you can say they belonged to one. Otherwise, like what everyone else has said, it’s just hunting clothes. I get that this is not what you want to hear, but there is no excuse to get mad at everyone here for simply telling you the truth and not sugar coating what you have. - Jakob
  2. It’s a recently made reproduction. - Jakob
  3. To me it looks like an early 3rd pattern poplin jacket. Yours looks pretty used which would explain why the poplin feels so thin. I have a similar one lying around somewhere. I’ll take a look at it soon to compare. - Jakob
  4. To me, everything looks like modern reproductions. The boonie hat is no good, all the tiger stripe fatigues are repros, and I’m personally not a fan of the tiger stripe patrol cap, though better pictures would help. - Jakob
  5. The beret is dated 1977. If it was from Vietnam, I’d say it’s a fair price (though you could definitely find cheaper), but being post war and not named it’s probably worth about a third of that price. - Jakob
  6. The hat looks like a commercial hunting piece form the 70s or 80s and even with the bad photos, the ARVN Ranger qualification patch looks like a reproduction. This hat has been up on ebay for awhile. Hope you didn't get it. - Jakob
  7. This jacket has normal cargo pockets. - Jakob
  8. I was always under the assumption that these were worn more as souvenir type jackets, so either they were worn off-duty or bought as a keepsake to bring home. Here’s a link to a similar one that was posted on the forum that is patched out. - Jakob
  9. No tags on the inside. The only marking is Osaka Japan on the zipper. I’m not sure if I’m going to add a period buckle since I’d have to undo the stitching on the belt, but it’s certainly a possibility. - Jakob
  10. Here’s an occupation made M42 jump jacket I have. These were popular with 11th Airborne troops in occupied Japan. The jacket is in pretty good shape for it’s age although there are some stains and it’s missing its buckle. Sadly no patches or names, but still a neat piece. - Jakob
  11. It looks like a good Japanese made VMF-311 patch, probably Korean War era. Do you have a picture of the back? - Jakob
  12. I’m pretty sure he went to ranger school around that time. His obituary mentions him being an Airborne Ranger, so I’m pretty sure that’s the tab he has over the 101st patch. He must’ve worn the cap a lot judging by the fading. I’ll probably end up getting a LTC rank sewn on. I wish there was a close-up photo of him wearing the cap to see if the rank is US or Vietnamese made, but since the jump wings are US made I’ll probably end up going with a US made rank unless y’all think otherwise. - Jakob
  13. Thank you guys! The photo is definitely the icing on the cake. I wonder if the fatigues he’s wearing are floating around. I found it interesting that it appears his jump wings are directly embroidered on the pocket flap. - Jakob
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