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  1. @ Owen Re the King suit - what on earth else have you go hidden away? They just keep getting better and better!
  2. Tailor shop suit is very nice.
  3. Love that suit, Owen. Are the trousers cut that tight at the calf or do they zip up? They look almost like jodhpurs. Excellent stuff on the two new threads, as well.
  4. Fantastic thread already. Thanks for kicking it off, Owen.
  5. British topical DPM. Always had a soft spot for this. Looking at the label possibly 1978. That would certainly be the right sort of time period. Am sure @ Owen will have a bit more info.
  6. @ Owen. You got that set, did you? That's a special one.
  7. Very sweet. Is it original or did you have it made for him??
  8. Or rather, its a modern made up version as it not a reproduction of any of the war time patterns
  9. ...and it's a perfect 10 for owen
  10. Its a late war tiger stripe. Looks like in the heavier fabric. Many on the forum here are not fans of Richard Johnson's made up names. Plus there is a lot he missed in his book. Pretty much everything you need to know about tiger stripe can be found on these two Tiger Stripe threads. So it worth taking a bit of time to read them first.
  11. Owen will reply 'yes' to almost any question like that, because he has pretty much everything. @ Cap Camouflage - Its locally produced fabric, it is fairly uncommon now and quite expensive when in good condition, but it is about. There are a few versions of it.
  12. @Bowie there are many collectors here do not use Richard Johnson's made up names. Not sure if you are new to the forum, but a read through the two Tiger Stripe threads will tell you pretty much all you need to know. I like your 4 pocket jacket. Very nice.
  13. I have seen this stamp style a couple of times before.
  14. Very nice. Could you post a picture of the trousers? Are the same fabric or a bit heavier?
  15. Very first VNMC print. Had maybe one or two washes at the most. VMX for Johnson fans.
  16. @ Owen. I feel like a brown belt entering the dojo with a 10th dan grand master. i have something that might interest you that I will post next week.
  17. Really nice. They are similar to the Raycom trousers - cut with darts on the back. Owen has definitely got enough already. He needs to leave some for the rest of us.
  18. Very nice. Are they poplin fabric?
  19. @ Owen you must have your beer goggles on The suit that Asa Ballard is wearing in the picture is zig-zag pattern fabric! Like all of us, really looking forward to the book when it comes. Maybe just publish it with what you have now. You can then put out a revised and amended addition in a few years time. That way we will all have to buy two copies.
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