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  1. @ Owen. You got that set, did you? That's a special one.
  2. Very sweet. Is it original or did you have it made for him??
  3. Or rather, its a modern made up version as it not a reproduction of any of the war time patterns
  4. ...and it's a perfect 10 for owen
  5. Its a late war tiger stripe. Looks like in the heavier fabric. Many on the forum here are not fans of Richard Johnson's made up names. Plus there is a lot he missed in his book. Pretty much everything you need to know about tiger stripe can be found on these two Tiger Stripe threads. So it worth taking a bit of time to read them first.
  6. Owen will reply 'yes' to almost any question like that, because he has pretty much everything. @ Cap Camouflage - Its locally produced fabric, it is fairly uncommon now and quite expensive when in good condition, but it is about. There are a few versions of it.
  7. @Bowie there are many collectors here do not use Richard Johnson's made up names. Not sure if you are new to the forum, but a read through the two Tiger Stripe threads will tell you pretty much all you need to know. I like your 4 pocket jacket. Very nice.
  8. I have seen this stamp style a couple of times before.
  9. Very nice. Could you post a picture of the trousers? Are the same fabric or a bit heavier?
  10. Very first VNMC print. Had maybe one or two washes at the most. VMX for Johnson fans.
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