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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I have a few German items and other stuff I was thinking of listing for trade for AAF stuff but the "trade" forum doesn't appear to be too popular.
  2. Nice one. BTW, what is W-A? Ive seen it referenced several times lately. Dave
  3. I thought they were worn primarily IN the ETO. Where did you hear that about the Pacific? Dave
  4. Also consider the survival pack seat pads mounted under seat parachutes and the like that might obviate the need for the additional vest.
  5. Phil, I think the liner material is the key. Alpaca lining vs a quilted lining. I was once told the quilted lining is at best post-war made. The words "B-9 Type" or "B-15 Type" are the giveaways of the period civi jackets. Whereas "Type B-9" would be okay padentically, "B-9 Type" would not and would indicate a civi jacket patterned after the B-9.
  6. I have Oxyacetylene, MIG, and TIG welders but I'm not a professional welder. I would guess that is fairly thin for anything other than TIG. I've welded plenty of sheet metal with MIG but this is also not "mild steel" or 4130. Not sure how it would react with any appreciable input of heat. Might need to be annealed afterward so it doesn't crack. It won't see high loads but obviously has enough internal tension to cause the crack to begin with. OA and TIG are pretty soft to dress after but MIG is hot and the remaining bead is hard. Distortion would do nothing but add more stress to the rest of t
  7. Surely repairing it will decrease its value, no?
  8. LOL. Who'd a thunk it? I would assume that "Women's Clothing" hack just jumped you ahead of the multiple $15 listings and got you $35 you likely wouldn't have seen. If she thinks $55 is likely, she can buy mine for $35 and make $20! LOL Dave
  9. Nice. This was from the vet's son or from the son of the previous owner? Looks like some great research! Envious. Dave
  10. Likely 90s era. Not sure of the size. If you are wanting to sell these just give the measurements as the buyer is most likely interested in that more than "Med" or "Large". The only other way is to find people with many of these in various sizes and ask them to lay them out finding one that matches your measurements, then see if their label is readable and what "size" it says. Kind of a hassle and not really info that will add value to a not so collectable item if you can advertise the measurements. I would do it just to give you the "size" but mine is almost too small for me IIRC so nowhere n
  11. Welcome to the forum. Why not introduce yourself in the Members Introduction area? First posts with evaluation requests often receive little response. I'm sure you could understand why. This is a collector's forum and there are members who do provide a professional written appraisal. There is a category called "What's It Worth" that is a more appropriate place to ask. Dave P.S. In case you are not interested in being part of the forum other than a value, I'll just say a friend gave me one of these for free to work under the car. I still have it in the closet.
  12. Yes. Very interesting. Nice to hear where reproducrtion things came from and not just hearsay. I have always wanted to see the movie but all the negativity about it's accuracy has kept me from it. Dave
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