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  1. A bit tangent but NCHS has been brought up before here in the medic helmet thread as a “respectable collector or 50 years” from whom a seller purchased some painted M1s(specifically an 88th I’d helmet) to resell. With a little research it is seen that NCHS is a vendor of many reproduction patches and painted helmets by their own site’s admission. They appear to offer items that are, by description, indistinguishable from originals. While this proprietor/collector has a good reputation, according to comments on this forum, I would caution anyone who deals with them or anyone selling goods sourc
  2. Nice of your father to be looking out for you.
  3. Wow. That’s about the cleanest I’ve seen! Phil are you able to get a better look at the underside of the bill? Maybe that’s a USN version? Dave
  4. Phil, There is no liner. The shearling is single-ply which is finished on one side and nap on the other. There is a special machine for sewing shearling that leaves a sort of zig-zag stitch underneath with the double row of stitching on top as your pic has. Not sure why the stitches are covered on the inside of yours but if it is cheap enough it has the look for sure. There were some released back maybe in the 60s that looked good from a distance but had some kind of synthetic looking material on the visor. It was apparent when you turned it over and had this heat pressed-looking rough surfac
  5. Pretty cool. So the arc on the front appears to have lines scribed around it. Anyone know how this was done. That first Utah beach shot is awesome. M41 jackets, tanker jackets, and an M42 jump jacket and trousers all in one shot. Makes one wonder where that para lid went. Likely just thrown into the loft of a barn somewhere in Normandy! (sarcasm intentional) Dave
  6. Welcome. But sanding creates a cringe moment here. Members can date your shells without sanding the heat stamps. That is unnecessary damage that reduces value. Dave
  7. I think it was not only the appearance of the jacket but the similarity to a post from a while back - maybe on the VLJ forum, which I’m no longer involved with. This jacket is obviously dolled up and the inquiry is therefore suspect based on the innocent story of the OP.
  8. Is the “lobe” visible on the OPs photo? I think the left buckle is just turned 90 degrees?
  9. All true! I’ve been vocal on this before and it happened even more on the VLJ forum. But there are so many in the world now who call you a rule nazi if you don’t just, and I’ll quote one detractor, “... just give what they asked for!” Dave
  10. Thanks so much. Makes perfect sense now. Great info. Always interesting how the pilot is just suspended there. Dave
  11. Oh, I just meant price-wise but was thinking of QAC. AAF QAC is pricey. This QAS is pretty cool for sure! Was there a reason some had the straps with the “ticking” and some not? Also, I understand the seat chute attachment but can’t quite see how the belt with the rip cord mounts to the harness. After reading Pacific Air, who can’t love this stuff?! Dave
  12. Bales look added on to me. Add to that the "cleaning" and "clear coat" and you have too many oppotunities for the originality to be either obscured or falsely implied. I'd run like the wind but I'm the big doubter around here. Also, to me, "found in a house", or "barn", or whatever is no type of provenance at all. Not at all. Most every helmet is found indoors somewhere. Reminds me of car ads "used to run". Wow! Did it really? So what ever happened to it?
  13. It's pretty neat for a USN collector but maybe not as "hot" as AAF stuff right now. Might want to post this in the "What's it Worth" forum. Dave
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