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  1. That's really nice, but wouldn't be much use after my wife killed me for paying that much.?
  2. Thanks! Is someone making a nice repro of this in cotton?
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked, but what type of flight jacket is this?
  4. All I know is that his name was George Fabyanic. I was told that he served on a carrier, but need to get that info. again. I bought his Mk 1 life jacket and a mint with cutters tags M-426a flight suit and thought I'd pick up a few more bits of his kit to keep them together. Here's a couple of pics of the jumper in question:
  5. What would be a fair price to pay for a nice condition white navy jumper named to an Avenger gunner? Rank and rating patches are in place and originally sewn. Thanks, Jon
  6. Thanks on that, Dustin. I threw an offer of less than half of the asking price at the seller and he accepted it, so I'm happy.
  7. Anyone familiar with a USN MK1 life jacket with the contract number: U.S. RUBBER CO. CONTRACT N-288 S-113 I've seen a couple of them now in minty to worn and grungy, so I don't think they're reproductions. Could this be a supplemental order? Just shooting in the dark here. Thanks, Jon
  8. Like's been said...really an amazing group and it's a pleasure to have a peek at it.
  9. Very cool. The mirror is advertising a clothing store.
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