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  1. Yep! That’s one reason I hate to sell except in person. Let them decide if the outfit will fit. Sold all at the last show and will probably bring more in February.
  2. Yes, Terri is great! She has purchased something at every SOS show since I've been setting up.
  3. I thought I would do a little update on what is going on in East Tennessee since the shutdowns. I can't speak for any other area in Tennessee but East TN is pretty much open for business with SOME restrictions, of course. I will say that the tourist area in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is booming although I don't think the amusements parks are open. Will be soon. But, who cares when the Mountains are open! A huge antique mall is opening up tomorrow after undergoing a new ownership and an impressive overhaul. The Green Olde Deal Antique Mall at 1442 Winfield Dunn Pkwy ope
  4. i've had that insignia on the hats plus air corp.
  5. No, it is still stored away in a tub with her other items. As some know, I am just slowly selling my collection as I get the time. If i can find the tub i'll send a pic. Thanks.
  6. I have most likely decided to sell my ARC Clubmobile winter blue "Ike" jacket that I've had for years. I know it has good value but could someone give me an idea of what that value is in todays market? Excellent condition. Thanks! Steve
  7. Thanks to all those great buyers. All were sold before Friday! There will be more next show.
  8. Just about done packing for the show and thought I'd mention a few things before I forget: Lots of smalls as usual plus: Home Front items 25-35 Uniforms ARC,WAC,ANC,WAVES plus accessories like hats, gloves, stockings, shoes, boots, musette bag all from our own collection. CCC Hats and Wool Jacket WWI Airplane Tool Chest Barber Box with some contents WWII Outboard Motor boat parts box Leather scabbards for different rifles EARLY heavy ammo or equipment chest Civil Defense Siren WWI Megaphone Helmets Many original GI and WAC/ANC Sunglasses 90% never been out before.... Tables a
  9. AAHHH! Yes! I remember now that I have a "yard long photo" of the ammunition train unit it goes with. Have no idea why the MG insignia is there but it was with the grouping along with unnamed medals. Thanks!
  10. I have a small WWI grouping I'm going to sell but I'm trying get more info.Came directly from an estate about 5 yrs ago. What do these markings indicate? Most items(cap, mess kit, canteen cup, ad knife) have them: A 301 A.T. 108 Included were EM Collar disc with "U.S." and "MG" over crossed rifles. Also, a pair of U.S cutouts and crossed cannon under "US". I know the MG is Machine Gun and that is about all. Thanks for any help.
  11. Great! Thanks. I just pulled out 17 1940's dresses and suits from $14 to $25. My wife will have tons of home front items from her collection plus WAC, ANC, USMCWR, ARC, etc as usual. Long live the SOS!
  12. My wife and I have collected womens WWII items way before collectors realized how cool their "stuff" really is. We have been selling a lot for the past few years at the Show of Shows. I really don't want to die with all this...well, maybe some of it! My question: We have several tables this year and wonder if there is an interest in our civilian womens clothing or is it a waste of time and space? We don't want to come back with it so everything would be reasonable. Most is appropriate for USO events. Always appreciate your opinion. Of course, we will have lots of womens uniforms and some sp
  13. Good show for me. Lots more people continually than usual. I saw a ton of gun sales going down and even sold my own trapdoor springfield. I noticed a lot more "varied" items this time.
  14. Niice grouping. So glad it was saved. I have hundreds of letters/ documents and photos from a WWI ARC Canteen worker but sadly no uniform. Thanks for sharing.
  15. So full of military pickers its hardly worth the effort. Everytime I go I swear I will never go again. It officially starts on thursday but tons are there a week before that. It is just plain luck like most things. I go looking for other items for my antique booths. 85% is retail priced now days but you CAN find a bargain. We do about 100 mile stretch around Crossville,TN but always wanted to try more northern states....runs around 800 miles. Take food, water, and a pot to pee in!! Not anything like it use to be but it is an adventure. Just dont plan on finding VINTAGE military items then,
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