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  1. Both of these fake numbered Indian Wars medals are picking up steam. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154052214076
  2. This is an Army contract medal. 100% original.
  3. Fantastic! I love rim engraved medals and this takes the cake! Thanks for sharing. -Clinton
  4. This is an Irons & Russell Silver Star. This is always recognizable by the diamond w/ I in it on the reverse lug. Nearly all of the slot brooches from this contract have some varying degree of blackening. It’s 100% original period issue. -Clinton
  5. I recently received a email from long lost family of Lt. Fonda’s in Italy that I would like to share. She also sent me a family photo of Lt. Fonda with his Mom on April 8th 1945, nearly 7 months to the day before his passing.
  6. This looks like a 1960 Medallic Art Contract. I doubt it’s numbered.
  7. The copper full wrap brooch medals with an open catch that are commonly mislabeled as Studleys were made by Northern Stamping in the late 1930’s-1940’s. Most ALL original studley medals have a sewn in brooch with an open catch, similar to the PA-NG Mexico Border & WWI medals. The early quality studley medals are recognizable by their thickness, bail ring size, & ribbon ring thickness. They also have a unique finish.
  8. A U.S. mint contract Indian Wars medal will have a cut in the bail planchette ring. I do not see a cut in this ring on top of the numbering being off.
  9. Here is the Silver Star card from the AAF award cards from the National Archives. I could not find the card for his Distinguished Service Cross.
  10. the GO is for the Silver Star. There is no mention of a SS in his file. And only the 1 mention of the DSC as posted above.
  11. I bought lots of these in the 15,xxx & 16,xxx range on eBay years ago. All unissued.
  12. His file was burned in the Archives fire, Geoff of GoldenArrow Research got a partial file. This pay sheet shows the DSC.
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