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  1. Fantastic! I love rim engraved medals and this takes the cake! Thanks for sharing. -Clinton
  2. This is an Irons & Russell Silver Star. This is always recognizable by the diamond w/ I in it on the reverse lug. Nearly all of the slot brooches from this contract have some varying degree of blackening. It’s 100% original period issue. -Clinton
  3. I recently received a email from long lost family of Lt. Fonda’s in Italy that I would like to share. She also sent me a family photo of Lt. Fonda with his Mom on April 8th 1945, nearly 7 months to the day before his passing.
  4. This looks like a 1960 Medallic Art Contract. I doubt it’s numbered.
  5. The copper full wrap brooch medals with an open catch that are commonly mislabeled as Studleys were made by Northern Stamping in the late 1930’s-1940’s. Most ALL original studley medals have a sewn in brooch with an open catch, similar to the PA-NG Mexico Border & WWI medals. The early quality studley medals are recognizable by their thickness, bail ring size, & ribbon ring thickness. They also have a unique finish.
  6. A U.S. mint contract Indian Wars medal will have a cut in the bail planchette ring. I do not see a cut in this ring on top of the numbering being off.
  7. Here is the Silver Star card from the AAF award cards from the National Archives. I could not find the card for his Distinguished Service Cross.
  8. the GO is for the Silver Star. There is no mention of a SS in his file. And only the 1 mention of the DSC as posted above.
  9. I bought lots of these in the 15,xxx & 16,xxx range on eBay years ago. All unissued.
  10. His file was burned in the Archives fire, Geoff of GoldenArrow Research got a partial file. This pay sheet shows the DSC.
  11. I have a Distinguished Service Cross that was issued to 1st Lt. Clyd P. Sullivan. It was an upgraded award from the SS citation. General Order #243 10-10-1945. This DSC is not on the website.
  12. Thanks for posting the photo of the medal Mike. Only the second I’ve seen to date that was engraved.
  13. Mr. Fout is attempting to recover his lost military career belongings. If whoever had This group is willing to part with it back to him, that would be amazing.
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