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  1. wow that is awsome. You have talent! Sent from my minnie using Tapatalk
  2. Glad to hear all is good with you General. I thought of you when I heard of the cowardly attack in France. Love that Jeep!! Sent from my minnie using Tapatalk
  3. He sure does Kat ~ I also luv the then and now pics. I sit here looking back and forth between them!
  4. I just came across these before and after pictures ~ very interesting. First thing that came to mind is good ole General Apathy. Just thought I'd share them. Ken can confirm but I think he may have done his own before and after pics of some of these shots. The one that comes to mind is the fountain in picture 21. Anyhow enjoy~ http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2014/06/scenes-from-d-day-then-and-now/100752/
  5. Ken, luv the pics! You should put them in a book - :-)
  6. General it is great to have you back!! I just love the before and after pics as well as picks of items you dig up in your every day jobs. I look at em once and then go back and look at em again~ Keep up the good work~ I really like the gun barrel in the tree, any idea how it got there? Is there a receiver maybe imbedded in the tree? Where I live we find horseshoes and nails in our trees but GUNS??
  7. Great to hear Ian ~ I miss Ken's posts!!
  8. Ken ~ again you are the master of the before and after shots!! Love em~
  9. Went to an auction this past Friday night. I usually just take a little cash just in case they have something interesting. Well I walked in a immediately saw a table of guns (eg dbl barrel shotguns, etc.). Got a number and walked over and immediatly saw an M1 Garand. Looked it over ~ it was nice but nothing great. As I was putting it down I saw it ~ I picked it up and noticed the early flip sights then the early push safety, then the early mag release. Took out my flashlight and the barrel has awsome rifling some of the best I've seen. Lady working said the guns would be auctioned off i
  10. Welcome back General ~ pull up a chair a sit a spelll!!
  11. Ken is the master of then and now photos! Fabulous!!
  12. Murwin I got to get me some of those shirts!! No wonder you get all the ladies!
  13. Love that shirt and tie Ken ~ simply awsome! Would you be interested in selling them?
  14. What do you mean OOP prices? I can't believe the prices of these books ~ wowza ~ nutz!
  15. Same here ~ wife and I did a late Valentine movie and dinner date. We enjoyed the movie!!
  16. I think theres a song by that name 'The Can Man Can'! :think:
  17. Ken, Please tell me these are not stored in the 'shoebox'! And I only have three meesly cans!
  18. Thanks for the info guys! :thumbsup: I will keep it as is!!
  19. It does look kinda old ~ I really like everything about it but that star. Looks like thos stars that are painted on knicknacks, crafts and stuff. Yeh, thanks Dolyer for catching the rivets I forgot to point that out!
  20. Found this helmet at an auction recently. It is an interesting paint job that looks like a good choc chip camo pattern. The star on the front kinda makes me believe that some woman did it. I'd like to strip it and refinish to display in the man cave but wanted to get some thoughts from you folks here before messing with it. Any info on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks looks like HS 659 to me
  21. Thanks for that link Ken ~ either I heard and forgot or did not know that work was going on. Good now just gotta get over there to visit someday!
  22. Ken ~ not only is it an area with immense history it is also a very beautiful part of the world. I noticed what looked like a crane on pointe du hoc ~ whats up with that?
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