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  1. I have been collecting EGAs and covers since I retired from the reserves in 1990. Unfortunately I have not gained a great deal of expertise in the process. I am sure that some of my collection consists of replicas that were sold as the real deal. I have often bemoaned the lack of a good reference work and have even at times toyed with the idea of producing one. However my limited ability to discern real from fake as well as a lack of the technical information has convinced me to leave that project to someone better equipped. What I have done is to put together a powerpoint presentation sho
  2. I have had these discs for many years (over 20) and have never authenticated them. Jim Morans book shows the plain EGA's but there are no examples of the MG or rifle co discs. Can any of you experts give me any information about these?
  3. These are purported to be 1920 Meyer collar egas. Note the right insignia eagle is facing the wrong way. Any help confirming whether these are originals?
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