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  1. Not once did I accuse anyone of anything outside the evidence already posted here. You first shamed members for their reactions to what was done to this helmet, and my response was just. The fact that you are now making bases accusations against me for nothing other than sharing my opinions illogical and unreasonable. I've never dealt with nor met anyone mentioned on this forum except Robinb. So you can claim vendetta all you like. It's your burden to prove that. Given you have gone rogue with the personal attacks, I'll refrain from responding till you can me calmed down by another modera
  2. I was merely sharing my opinion, not stating anything as fact. It very well could have been the son (or grandson?) of Mr. Shelton. However as I said, the recent revelations cause one to now question everything.
  3. Umm, what??? Are we not allowed to question the authenticity of something or someone for the sake of identifying fraud? Or are you just going to attack me and edit my responses every time I pose such a question? Might you be best buddies with Mr. Jkash?
  4. Who's to say the person posting as the grandson of Joseph Shelton wasn't Jamie himself? It would certainly garner more interest in the helmet, and possibly quicken a sale. Given the latest revelations, I doubt anything till proof is provided.
  5. What are the odds that Jamie acquired two original 2nd Ranger helmets with markings applied in a nearly identical fashion? In my opinion, Jamie runs a business of selling high dollar helmets. Some might be 100% legitimate, but I see a pattern of taking original condition helmets like the Joseph Shelton M2 and painting it up for the purpose of increasing profit. EDITED BY TARBRIDGE...PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME ACTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS BEFORE COMPLETION. . I HAVE RETURNED THE EDITED PORTION IN TOTAL AS WROTE BY URIK... I'll conclude with I find it rather shameful that a USMF moderator
  6. .... and this one recently sold on his web site.
  7. This is not the first time Jamie has taken an original condition helmet and modified the finish then resold it. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/290129-161st-field-artillery-camo-fb-helmet/ I find most of the helmets listed on his web site and ebay listings questionable. It would appear to me that he takes original condition helmets and adds camouflage or markings to them and then lists them up for sale with a premium price tag. His listings are, for the most part, uniform in how they are written. They state the "helmet itself" is original and it has "markin
  8. Whoever made it did not set the upper tension correctly on the sewing machine. You can see where it jammed twice because the bobbin thread was so loose.
  9. At first I wasn't sure if the seller was intentionally being deceitful or if he was duped and refused to believe so. I sent him a message letting him know he has a repro helmet on his hands and all he did was double down on it being original. I also just noticed the liner looks to be a 1950s Micarta liner.
  10. Last photos showing the D loops and J. Murray Inc. chin straps.
  11. Re-listed with different description reaffirming that it is not a fake but 100% original. http://m.ebay.com/itm/142459448917
  12. Bar-tac is a row of stitching used to secure the folds of the straps. This is accomplished on an industrial basting machine at a pre-set stitch length and width with medium gauge thread. The process is automatic and precise, almost like embroidery. Original war time chin straps are shuttle loomed with 11 cords within the weave (11 row weave). Later chin straps are made with 10 cords. Modern chin straps are made on needle looms, and have a chevron braid on one side. There are a few good repro chin straps on the marked but none are a perfect match.
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