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  1. Second that! I'm also going to give it a try in our dubbing suites at work
  2. Standard definition is a thing of the past. Everything I/we shoot is in HD. So why wouldn't people want you to see it the way it was shot, not some low quality, grainy DVD that contains less than a quarter of the original image information.
  3. Thanks Owen. Great to know!
  4. Erwin, I had the chance to buy and look over some of the Empties from inside fury. The very ones ejected by coon rump himself. They were a little over my budget sadly. But almost all were, (I'm told) beautifully and fabricated from scratch out of I assume brass/a metal similar in colour. With dents/simulated burned carbon effects. I saw some complete rounds on the set with the warheads (and obviously inside fury) I think they were maybe aluminium rounds with the same milled repro shell. Beautiful workmanship that I'm sure rob l and Owen know much more about.
  5. Amazing. Thanks for clearing that up Owen!
  6. Another Fury prop, a Baker company/batallion M1 helmet, net and liner. It's a repro fixed bail shell with repro straps. And has a label with "tired GI" on the liner. Although, I'm sure I heard a rumour some of the wardrobe came surplus from monuments men. So maybe it was labelled for that. Who knows! Si
  7. Amazing, nice little detail mate! Great touch there. I don't think I will, but I saw many on the set being opened/burned/stacked up. I think mine has black tape to simulate the clover leaf from a distance. The ones I did see with tags looked excellent! Maybe I'll take a closer look at some point to check. I'm soo pleased to hear it's an original and even rarer being one of 7 or 8. I doubt I'll be able to pick it out on film though! Great news! Unfortunately it doesn't have the same effect on my carpet! Thanks for your hard work. These now take pride of place in my collection. As I said to you on one of the first days of filming. Your work is second to none.
  8. Finally, a musette bag and m1 helmet, again, informed that these are also off one of the tanks due to the one piece straps for hanging them. But sadly I doubt I'll be able to ever identify them.
  9. This jerry can was off one of the tanks. Not sure which (will have to wait for the blu-Ray!) complete with pyro charges (detonated). And on further investigation of a strange rattle, a .50 cal link!!
  10. Next up, a .50 cal ammo crate. I'm not expert, but I have been informed, that it may be original. It's definitely vintage, looking at the inside at least. Repainted however (I assume) and with reproduction , cast plastic, painted wing nuts.
  11. Here are a few Fury props I have purchased recently. Appologies for the crappy iphone pics. Will get better ones when it is all "installed" in the man cave! First up, 76mm packing crate and extra cardboard tube with metal, stamped ends.
  12. Wade, all excellent points that I noticed, but failed to acknowledge.
  13. As someone who was lucky enough to have spent some time on the film as an extra, collects US WW2 militaria, and is a film maker for a living, I will try and give my honest review of the movie without too many spoilers and talk of the merits of the film production, rather than individual scenes, so as not to spoil it for anyone. Despite being part of the battalion scene at the start of the movie. I had little knowledge of how the rest of the film would play out script wise, and tried to avoid any plot hints, to get the maximum impact. I was not disappointed. The sets were incredible, and really made me feel like I was in that last stretch of occupied Germany. The film clearly showed the fruits of much hard work by the set designers and lots of painstaking research from the production team. Having only seen the battalion set in person (which in itself was absolutely gobsmacking) and Going by the set/prop/wardrobe-to-screen time ratio for that's scene, I'd hazard a guess that there was plenty more that wasn't seen but was still there. All of the sets were filled with thousands of high quality props, that collectors such as ourselves can be assured, fit in seamlessly and authentically. This is coupled with hundreds of well costumed extras both military and civilian, adding feelings of unease and tension, which made me constantly question wether or not the next refugee may be a panzerfaust wielding fanatic, or a helpless German caught up the chaos of war. A feeling I'm sure crossed the mind of many a GI at that point. Sound design was first class, although, at some points I did find certain bits of dialogue hard to hear. But maybe that was my picture house. I would also have expected a bit more "engine loudness" on the interior shots when fury was really gunning it, but I've never driven in a Sherman before so it may be quieter! I especially liked the foley sounds created for the tiger/AT shells as they whiz zed past or would ricochet. And also the ticking sound of fury from the interior as she cools down as well as all of the squeaks/groans and clanks that you get climbing in and on a Sherman. (I did it for my week on set). Very interesting to see the com record being done through a real radio. Love that touch fellas. Cinematography was beautiful and unique. The DP(s)did a great job with the atmospheric lighting, especially at the end of the film (nicely matched with the interior shots filmed separately, where lots of dynamic light is leaking through the periscopes/view ports). Lots of nice silhouettes and "the fog of war" adding to the tension and uneasy feelings and a grimy, desaturated look throughout. The latitude and contrast of the film this was shot on is clear and stunning. Glad to see someone still using this format to its full potential. Amazing contrast between beautiful external wide shots, the frame filled with massive hulking machines or vast landscapes covered in the materiel and personnel of war. Paired with claustrophobic interiors. Almost portrait like shots, with war daddy framed seemingly atop a throne in his turret. VFX, also did a great job on things like the tracers, impacts, deaths etc. very convincing stuff that didn't seem over the top. Character dynamics are echoed by what everyone else has said. Incredible acting, and really conveys what these guys were going through on many personal levels. I really love the relationship between war daddy's character and the other crewmen in fury, how he is somewhat of a father figure. I thought the breakfast scene did a lot to develop them all, and demonstrated not just their possessiveness over him, but a devout loyalty to him. All in all, I really enjoyed this movie and appreciate the sheer scale of what went into having been there for a small time (best job I ever had). My girlfriend came along to see it, and she HATES (fears), war movies. She loved it. Well done to all involved. Oh and I made the cut. This grainy screenshot will do until the blu ray is released
  14. Finally just watched the movie! Will conduct a review when the adrenaline wears off!
  15. The makeup on that guy was incredible, Looked very sore indeed! The Sherman you can just about see behind him is the one that myself and several other forum members crewed for that scene for the week Can't wait to see it tomorrow!!
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