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    My collection spans from the Indian Wars period to the present.I enjoy collecting primarily patches,and some badges too.I like the unusual units such as,but not limited to;Cia,Spy,Intel,Recon,K-9,Rescue units from any branch,Special forces all branches,and lately,I've been delving into Army Aviation units.

    As my collecting has progressed I find myself searching for the older patches,usually Vietnam era and earlier,but if a patch catches my eye,I will try to add it to my collection,regardless of age.As for badges,I have been trying to collect items that are still on their makers cards,but if I see a badge that I like and a carded example is not available,I will add it too.

    Recently I have started picking up knives,some uniform pieces and a few small groups.

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  1. Can you get in touch with me please, Thank you.

  2. The men who manned the Scout Helos pulled some very dangerous missions,often flying just a few feet off of the ground as they combed the area for the enemy.My hats off to these brave men and to the ones that didn't return,I say Rest in Peace Heroes.
  3. Was hoping to see some comments on the patch in post # 12,but since there are no takers I will put forth my thoughts on it. As seen it shares many traits with the "Southwest" series;loose threads around the edge,open exaggerated stitch patterns,irregular circles,amateurish looking main design,etc.. This patch is currently being offered for 350 dollars on eBay by the seller "The dog tag". My point being that there are many authentic patches that share manufacturing traits with the copies,as they were all handmade using similar techniques.
  4. Thanks for the input.I'm going to withhold final judgement until I hear what Mike has to say,and after I inspect it in hand.I know that the "Southwest" copies were made on thin material so an in hand inspection is an important factor as well. While I'm awaiting Mikes reply I would like to post another patch for everyones assessment.I'm interested to read everyones take on this one:
  5. I compared the one I posted here to the so called "Southwest series" patches and I'm not seeing anything that is jumping out at me in the comparison.Mine has pretty tight stitch patterns compared to the loose,pronounced zigzag pattern of the copies. The green backing is interesting to me in that it appears to have some numbers and/or letters stamped on the back which suggests that it came from a uniform or a piece of equipment. It's on it's way to me so I will have it in hand soon to give it a closer inspection. Everything I've ever bought from Mike has been outstanding.His book "Hist
  6. I already checked and it's not there.So there is no Pittsenbaugher example of this patch to compare mine with?
  7. Are you certain about that? I purchased this from Mike Tucker,who many on this Forum will probably recognize as having written a well known book on Vietnam patches. Please post an image of the Pittsenbaugher remake so that we can compare.
  8. Hi all, I'm hoping to find a unit ID for this patch.Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Tonomachi,you nailed it.I was wondering about the second row of holes,and came to the conclusion that the only reason for them being there was having to do with the patches' construction,but I never thought about the possibility of it being a former pocket hanger.That would also explain why there is no matching "Airborne" arc with it.
  10. Here is a link to the Wing on Bobs site: http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/usnavy/tacticalobserver/scorbymeyernavytacobsv.shtml It looks like the OP Wing.
  11. Thanks for the info.It is exactly three inches tall and around an inch and three quarters wide at it's widest point.
  12. Great bullion pieces,I really like that 15th.
  13. Gil,I did notice the holes on the yellow border embroidery too,and was encouraged to see them.I agree,if it was worn,it does'nt seem to have seen much wear.Comparing it to some other examples in my collection,I'm still leaning towards it being Vietnamese made,but yours and All Bulls assessments are possibilities as well.
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