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  1. Thanks guys! Some really helpful stuff. There are a lot of people claiming they are selling military kits so just wanted to educate myself as much as possible
  2. thanks. Interesting post. still curious though, do military razors (the correct ones in the khaki kit for example) gave specific markings? Every kit I finds seems to just be a regular Gillette razor. Just curious how to know what is military vs civilian. Can’t seem to find this info anywhere online. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys. I've recently got into vintage safety razors. I know very little about razors and the US Military. I'm interested in any models issued from WWI through the present. Is there a way to know if a model of safety razor is actual military issue? I've seen some of the WWII Khaki kits from Gillette but most don't have any military markings. Is there a way to tell if the razor (all pieces) are correct/original to a khaki set? Should they have "US Property" or "US Army" etc on them somewhere? If so, where? Were there any specific razor
  4. Thank you so much for sharing that! It has been a while, but I will try to find this bag and send you some photos. It's great to hear from a family member of someone who served on this ship.
  5. I love the look of industrial steel blueprint flat files, but I really need something lighter weight and easier to move for maps, posters, etc. Has anybody found a good system for this? Thanks
  6. Thanks! Sorry to hear about your wife. I've been on a long journey trying to find answers too. Hoping this is either the issue or I can check it off the list too.
  7. Yeah, I have a dehumidifier and keep our place under 50% all year. We're having health issues that make us suspect mold. No visible mold or anything at this point. Just trying to be proactive. Thanks!
  8. Is it safe to store clothing, blankets, etc. in a sealed bag or bin with some silica packs? Just worried about moisture, but I need to seal them because I have some items with mold. Thanks
  9. Stupid question, but is there a correct way that the E Tool is supposed to go into the plastic carrying case? (handle towards front flap or shovel head towards front flap) Just curious. Thanks
  10. Was there a case made specifically for the Trench gun? If not, what cases were used by the military?
  11. Thanks. It also says "phosphorus" instead of "phosphorescent" which is strange. Can't find any examples that they make a specific military and commercial version
  12. Just bought a used Cammenga Phosphorus compassions for $15. Honestly didn't look closely at the photos and assumed it was the Model 27. However, it does not say Model 27. Photo attached of what it looks like. What are the differences between these two compasses?
  13. Just curious how/where the WWII shotgun pouch was attached, especially when used with a trench gun. Can't find any photos. Thanks
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