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  1. Or more likely: Air Service Heavy Aviation Truck ( Nash Quad).
  2. ARTILLERIE SPECIALE??? ( Tank Corps)
  3. Any visible shoulder patch?? Picture obviousely taken in France ( building style) before the return to the US.
  4. Both Morrison & Kayser are now resting at Meuse Argonne ABMC Cemetery
  5. Complete roster of the 167th Monroe Suggs is mentionned page 8 http://croixrougefarm.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/CroixRougeCompleteRoster.pdf
  6. Some more info regarding Monroe SUGGS now resting in France; OISE_ AISNE US Cemetery (Fere en Tardenois) Grave 54 Blolck B Row 20
  7. You are right... my mistake , sorry One have to turn seven times one's tongue in one's mouth before asserting something... Members of C & D Cy of the 306th MGB were Indeed involved in the LB episode. FINDING the Lost Battalion Robert J Laplander and other books
  8. Thank you very much for your research. I do not remember how I got this mess kit, but it is keeped for a long time in my collection. Interesting to learn that the soldier became a religious man… probably the consequence of his war expériences. Thanks again Francis Belgium ( 250km from the lost battalion site)
  9. Here is the Mess kit of his mate... same Cy and same serial number sequense. If Matt could provide me with infos of the soldier, I will greatly appreciate. BTW Cy D of the 306th MGB was not involved in the Lost battalion episode as only A, B & C Cies were in the Charleveau Pocket.
  10. For the 4th the authorised claps are: AISNE-MARNE SAINT MIHIEL MEUSE ARGONNE DEFENSIVE SECTOR As for the right VM
  11. To my knowledge, the 304th Tank Battalion of Col Patton had not been engaged in the Flanders ( Northern France & Belgium) The 304th was equipped with light french FT17 Renault Tank and saw action during the Saint Mihiel and Argonne Meuse offensive, and deserved the corresponding battle clasps. To the contrary , the 301st tank Corps ( Heavy tank) was equipped with british MKV tank and were engaged in the battle of Bellicourt-Bony-Le Cattelet on Sept 29, 1918 in support to the 27th & 30th USID and UK & Australian troops. Members were autorized to wear Somme Offensive & Def
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