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  1. I very much appreciate your help in identifying John Thurness' cap badge and arrowhead patch. I have John Thurness' knife; are the cap badge and arrowhead patch readily available? (As you no doubt can tell, I'm a newbie here, and I've never bought any Vietnam period insignia. Thank You, Bill Adams email: bowiefight@aol.com 478-836-4195
  2. My name is Bill Adams; I am a new member here. I own a knife formerly owned by John Thurness; I am writing an article for Knife Magazine about the knife and about John Thurness. Bob Gill was kind enough to put the post on this site; I've tried to reach those who responded directly, but I keep getting the message "You don't have permission to do that". So, if someone could clue me in how to contact aznation, Tonomachi, vintage productions and patches, I'll be ever so grateful! Bill Adams email: bowiefight@aol.com 478-836-4195
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