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  1. Jimbo, I would put this in the 1970's time frame based on not being 1/20 GF on sterling. Anyone else have any opinions about it?
  2. Blackinton with the 1 in the 10-20. I have seen most without the 1.
  3. Submarine badge with Pasquale on the back. Looks original to me.
  4. Blackinton combat patrol . Not sure of the exact time frame this would have been used.
  5. Looks like the same hallmark you have in the first photo
  6. Here are some of my submarine badges with the same blackington hallmark.
  7. Enlisted used embroider on their sleeve until 1947 then it moved to above the breast pocket until 1950 which they used metal insignia. The officers used metal since 1928. I am not sure when the officers would have used cloth though. Maybe someone else has some more information regarding that.
  8. Here is my Yoko's, they do not have the bubbles and have more of a cast look to them. Plus they are solid no holes anywhere in the design.
  9. Tim, this is a nice pair of Yokosuka dolphins, especially with the bubbles in the waves, I have never noticed that some of them have this design. I have also never seen a hallmarked version of this, has anyone else seen a hallmarked version?
  10. I like the Deep wave Gemsco. The Meyers looks good too with the sterling.
  11. Gulls Associate, somewhat common to find, but harder with the hallmark.
  12. No problem, if I find any new photos of run across any of these I'll post them here.
  13. I started a post submarine insignia topic, be nice to see what kind of things are out there. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/271411-submarine-dolphins-and-variations-post-wwii/
  14. Here are two that I have in my collection, both were aquired from an older submarine collector, where he got them from I am not sure. Hope this helps with the discussion on it.
  15. Here is some more enlisted Gemsco. The hallmarks all vary, 4 of them are marked sterling, the last one is not marked sterling but it has a sterling shine to it. Looks like Gemsco changed its hallmark frequently as they all are different. I would think that the solid back are older, then going to the hallow-back to maybe save money, then without sterling, but thats only a guess.
  16. I like the Engineering and Medical Gemsco badges, not normally seen made by Gemsco, plus they are pinback which is nice. Not sure when Gemsco went from the circle Hallmark to the print hallmark but I would think these are still in the same timeframe being sterling with 1/20GF. The top three hallmark is a little more common but with pinback is a little different. Know of any reason or timeframe they would have gone from pinback to cluthback?
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