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  1. Thanks. I thought so Too based on the stitching even with the blur. I knew I couldn't rule it in with that photo but I'm glad you could rule it out. My search continues. Thanks for the help!
  2. That's where I am at. He says he will take a refund if it's not original but guessing by the price and photos its probably not original. I will ask for better photos.
  3. This is being sold as original wwii, but I am guessing it's not. The photos are poor, so I doubt it could be ruled original, but I'm guessing it might be enough to rule it out.
  4. Did Herman Shoes make wwii jump boots? These look similar to wwii boots but another thread said Herman boots are almost always post war.
  5. Would this pair be wwii vintage?
  6. Are these original or reproduction? The tag makes it look vintage.
  7. Are these correct WWII? I know they were probably used post war, but would they be wwii era manufactured? They have 12 grommets which I know wwii boots did.
  8. Thanks. I was uncertain if it was infantry or airborne because I know the double bar cross is on one of the 82nd airborne DUIs. I saw 3 of these 140th screwbacks at an antique mall today but they were $20 each. I was hoping they would have been airborne. But I might think about them depending what they are worth.
  9. Here's the zipper. What would a small size jacket like this usually go for? After checking eBay it looks like prices have dropped since I bought my last one, but this is offered to me at a reasonable price I believe. I wish I knew the size. The measurements I have been given are: shoulder : 42cm width : 55cm shoulder to wrist : 59cm I'm guessing Shoulder is Shoulder to Shoulder and width is waste but I'm not positive. Would that make it a 34 or 36?
  10. This one is original right?
  11. These are listed as pre WWII, were these outdated by the war and reduced to just the tank?
  12. Was it common to take off the screwback and add a pin to these?
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