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    Collecting Army patches, coaching and umpiring Baseball and riding my Kawasaki 750
  1. Yes it is dangerous, and there is alot of "stuff" in the ground. I saw alot of "stuff" in Verdun, I even not knowingly, stood on a 155mm round.. we never touched a thing..not even with a stick....just to show you an example: a simple fuze found in the woods in France...this thing about half the size of a Coke can could still blow your hand off (at least if not worse)....and this thing is 91 + years old. First: Digging in France is a complet NO NO... they will have your balls for that. Second: Getting permission can happen, but I don't think that happnes too ofte
  2. Just found this in the net: I say send them all to Iraq, I betcha after that, these Wimps will NEVER play Gi Joe again. JMc
  3. Thanks guys, It works again. JMc
  4. Here a couple of tanks I found in France this last May, M4 Sherman Utah Beach Normandy M8 (French Army) Utah Beach Normandy French Renault Tank (WW1)
  5. Thanks guys, but I still can't reach their Homepage, and I don't know why! JMc
  6. Hi, just asking if anyone knows if Saunders Insignia is out of business. I'm trying to reach their Homepage, and I tried to call, but to no avail. Sitting here in Germany i may have missed something. Greetz JMc
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