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  1. Never heard or seen of that knife but appears to be what it is after your identification. Learned something new today-thanks m1garandy
  2. Any clue what type bolo this is? I’ve looked through my resource stuff and cant find. If a foreign example i will remove from forum but wondering if some US variant.
  3. So not sure about this helmet i got recently. It has a texturized finish on it, rear seam, and number 42 on front and back. Thinking it may have been training related but not sure. Also dont know if it was wwii period or later. Any ideas appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the info Randy. Makes sense. I just wouldnt have thought they made a ton of those patches where they had different manufacturers but i guess maybe from year to year they could have changed.
  5. Here are 3 oatches i picked up in a grouping from guy stationed at craig afb in selma. As can see, the fronts are different as are the backs. My question is wete these made different places or if anyone can shed light on why they all all different.
  6. Interestingthe buttons had me kind of thinking maybe mikitary but didnt know they were used commercially. Appreciate the replies and information
  7. Found this in some of my old uniforms. Unfortunately, no tag. Not sure of the period or if even military. Buttons have me thinking military.
  8. There a place to put an order in once it is printed, or, do you know where to inquire about getting a copy?
  9. Trying to find out approximate date of this n3b jacket. I assume it is authentic but the stock number 6259 doesnt match up with anything i have found online. Everything i see is 6279 or earlier but cant find the 6259 anywhere. Plus there is no other tag like i see on other n3b jackets. So maybe this is a knockoff commercial one?? Any thoughts if you know would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks gwbill pass on it then
  11. Thoughts on real or repro
  12. Thanks for that suggestioni forget about it as im always on here.
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