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  1. I was given this flight suit by the man who I returned a helmet to.... he was the Intelligence Officer in the squadron for at least a couple of cruises that I know of. Told me he had a bit of flight time. I assume he did since I had his helmet. I appreciate that he tried to make it right but it still stings.... not sure if I will ever find another one like that!
  2. That's what the USMC museum has told me.... thanks for sharing this! I had never thought I would see anything remotely the same as mine. From what I understand is that the red color MIGHT denote an artillery outfit of the 2nd Marine Division but the "L" and now a backwards one at that is a mystery!
  3. Sorry for the necro post, but here is one I have that I cant quite figure out....
  4. I am at a loss as to the marking on the inside flap of this BOYT 43 lower pack. Nothing special, I just would like to know what the mark means... thank you in advance!
  5. Been awhile since I have had anything worthwhile to post to the forum... but today I picked up an Air Force HGU-55 with a custom fit liner. Attributed to an F-16 Photo Recon driver Capt George Garcia, I dont think I will try to track him down after losing that VF-211 helmet. Its still in great condition for seeing its use back in the mid 90s. I like the custom visor cover, first I have seen like it. And as soon as I saw the form fit liner I knew that it was a high speed low drag helmet. I welcome any input and am seeing some great helmets as I surf the photos you all have posted.
  6. Crewman getting ready to deploy a smoke, the Hutch in the photo is not me. Just a coincidence.
  7. Its been awhile since I have had anything worthwhile to post. I found this SPH-3 helmet from HS-8 here locally at North Island Naval Air Station. They flew the SH-3 Sea King helicopter. Has the original owners initials JD on the back. Cool thing is that I may have known this guy! I was in HSL-35 at the same time this helmet would have been used. Quite possible we were in school together because I knew a guy that went by JD during training. Helmet is 100% complete although the foam in the earcups has seen better days, which is normal. Glad to finally found something worthwhile after a long dro
  8. I finally have a picture of the crew, but only know one man so far.... the Navigator 2nd Lt James Delo, 2nd from the right. My feelings are that Mr Nesen is one of the gentlemen on the left.
  9. Nice helmet, its wonderful to have such an item from your Dad!
  10. I have a logbook from a US Navy pilot. I did not see a place to post some photos from it...… man had some combat in the spring of 1965. I am thinking it might be enjoyed by some, any suggestions on the forum?
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