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    Long Island, New York
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    Focusing on USMC rank insignia, competitive marksmanship & Blackinton awards, early campaign medals, early recruiting booklets and pamphlets, department devices, pennants, autographs... Anything and everything Marine Corps. Message me with what you have!!!

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  1. Awesome piece! The ribbon reminds me of the Cuban Pacification medal. If you ever feel like parting with it, shoot me a message!
  2. Jim, did you place the McDougal up there? Also I still want to buy your Pacific!
  3. Ron, I have sent you a message as well. Hope we can help you ID these chevrons.
  4. awesome! had no idea these existed! now we just have to wait til a navy version surfaces
  5. Interesting coat! Look forward to hearing what others think
  6. Don't think they're common but the fact that it is just the planchett and is not attributed I am sure will affect value negatively
  7. Andreers - looks good to me! Justin - I still want that stack lol
  8. They look great! The only problem is that Pacific Trophy isnt in my collection!
  9. Obviously a time travelling Marine who brought back a pizza box lol On a serious note though, we should send the photo to Emerson and see if he has any idea.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing photos of your collection! Quite a few of us here who collect EGAs and marksmanship awards.
  11. very nice! Love these WWI overcoats. I have an officer one and it's one of my favorite pieces
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