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  1. Thanks Guys!! I did not see anything in the scrapbook regarding the bronze star, there is however a letter about him receiving the purple heart for a leg wound in Africa.
  2. Gentleman: This Outstanding D-Day Grouping came into my possession and I am pleased to have it. It consists of 3 purple heart medals and 1 bronze star medal. 2 of the 3 purple hearts are named and the 3rd is numbered, I'm not sure why he had 3, I know he earned one for wounds in the Africa campaign. I also have his sterling named ID bracelet along with his BS/PH certificates and presidential accolade. The scrapbook contains a few photos, other documents including telegrams to his mother etc. Wanted to get your opinions as to the 3 purple hearts and thoughts. Thanks, Kevin
  3. I'm drooling and can't wait to see close up photos.
  4. Good Stuff I would say coming from a Gun Show.
  5. Hi Patches: Yes I believe your correct about the other 2 shirts, although I don't have them in front of me right now to be certain. Kevin
  6. OK Gents, here are several more photos, there are 3 green cotton sateen shirts, 1 of them I don't think was ever laundered or washed as it's still kind of stiff, also 1 shirt is slightly different with the blue "follow me" patch, this one has the attached white tag with a number on it. Also is 1 pair of green pants with a belt, and lastly is a khaki pair of pants and a shirt with a ranger patch, I don't think these were worn either, the pants have walsh inked on the top portion. Thanks, Kevin
  7. I will post a few more photos of the shirts later this morning. Kevin
  8. Here is the bronze star that came with all the uniforms.
  9. Hi Guys: I recently picked up this Vietnam Uniform grouping and wanted to get some opinions on at least the jacket for now, I plan to sell these in the future but I wanted to make sure I sell legit, authentic stuff and not junk. I have several shirts and pants all with the name walsh on them, additionally I also have a named bronze star that came with this stuff. Opinions and comments are appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
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