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  1. Are Yall are taking about the fiber washer between the body and fuse bouchon I guess Im missing where that seals the fuse. As costs said its a seal/barrier between the body / fuse which all MKII grenades have with the exception of MKII practice.
  2. Grenade on left (RFX) is genuine M21 Practice with correct M205 fuse. value is approx $4-50 One on the right is repro of the type at gun shows, and with about $8
  3. ive never seen anything on the bottom of a MKII either.
  4. I've had a couple over the years with what looks like the same fine thread as yours, that appeared original
  5. The paint on the bouchon is a dead giveaway. It s obviously the same as on body
  6. here are the body variations im familiar with from my collection
  7. i was recently shown a body style id never seen for an M69 practice grenade. It looks like an XM228 fuse but body is totally different from the 3 varieties im familiar with. has anyone else seen this. please post pics if avalilable
  8. Nice grenade & outstanding job on the fuses Mike! I had a new appreciation for sectioned work after I tried to do a couple! I leave it to you experts from now on! Thought everyone might like this early M67 I saw last week, it's very similar to yours Mike, very nice too.
  9. looks good to me, but I do have a question for group. when did they stop painting entire body yellow?. Actually I thought that when solid bottoms where made, they had stopped painting whole body yellow. and only yellow band at top was applied to entirely OD body. If this were true however, solid bottoms would never have yellow coming thu OD.
  10. If a MKII style body has fuse bouchon of a modern M2313 ( the jungle clip tang ) it's a fake body. These grenades were never made to accept the larger threads of the modern fuses, re-threading notwithstanding.
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