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  1. Sure, only problem is that it is "supposed" to rain for the next 5 days.
  2. Does anyone know what the dark discoloration on the helmet could be?
  3. I saw a WW I Brodie helmet complete with liner & chip straps at an antique mall over the week end. The seller is asking $100.00, is this a good price?
  4. I have been wanting to purchase a few WW II army dog tags but from what I heard it is a hit or miss gamble. Does anyone know where I can purchase authentic WW II tags? I looked on eBay but the number of tags shown scares the heck out of me. They all cannot be real. Any suggestions / help will be appreciated.
  5. This is the best I can get. The CBI is the same as the 1 CAV
  6. Are any of these WWII? Unfortunately they are glued down so I can't see the backs
  7. Is there a safe way to remove over-paint from a WWII liner.? Any recommendations?
  8. Can anyone ID this liner manufacturer? Sorry for the bad pics
  9. Good idea, where would I find one?
  10. Thanks anyway found a video how to
  11. No one out in our vast audience had to put a net back on a helmet?
  12. Does anyone know how to put a net back onto a helmet?
  13. Over the years friends from Belgium have sent me various small items found in the Bastogne and Elsenborn areas of Belgium. Can someone identify the silver tube at the bottom right of the picture? Also, is there anything interesting in the picture? Thanks George
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