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  1. Hello, Here's mine (perhaps less common?) coming from an earlier WWII officer cap: an LGB Gold Filled (1/20 10k). Regards,
  2. The only meaning I see is that JP-4 is a denomination for a US jet fuel, whose NATO denomination is F-40 ?
  3. Hello, Here are mines, BA-37 (for SCR-536) and BA-38 (for SCR-625 & SCR-536): Regards, Vertol
  4. Here's a topic showing them in situation : http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/289203-the-use-of-the-life-preserver-belt-usn/
  5. Hello, I've bought USN Anti-flash gloves whose seller's packaging indicated 1944 with the NXSX contract. Does anybody know in which material those gears (gloves and hood) are made ? It seems to be cotton (smooth, and fibers burn), but I'd just want to be sure it is not asbestos, such as british anti-flash hood ... For example in use, here are 2 picture coming from a post of dustin (http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/289203-the-use-of-the-life-preserver-belt-usn/) Thanks in advance, Regards, Vertol
  6. Thank you for your answer and the honor of a picture I've never seen a US Eng. machete except the no. 1005, how does the scabbard look like ? There is no marking on the opposite side of the blade. Do you know if it has been used during WWI ?
  7. Good afternoon, I have this Signal Corps machete (Brush-Cutting Knife) I think to be the original LC-14, with Signal Corps scabbard and no. 37 Collins blade (without SCUSA mark). I understand it is pre-WWII but is it also WWI era ? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Vertol
  8. Ok, thank you for the additional information.
  9. Thank you for your answers, it confirms what I though.
  10. Hello, I've found this sheath, that has seen better days, for a 5'' blade with 9 nails, a point on the left side and a "United Carr" snap. I am unable to identify formally the knife that is expected for this sheath, most of the ones I've found having a point on the right side, or a loop, or a different snap, or 8 nails, ... I guess it would be something such as USN MKI (Cattauragus 225Q sheath seems to have 8 nails and a different snap), but not sure. Thank you in advance, Regards, Vertol
  11. Thank you for your answers, it comforts myself in the idea that something is fake, but I can't tell if it's a fake stamp on a real bandoleer, or a complete reproduction.
  12. Good afternoon, I have found this 30-06 OD3 cloth bandolier with unusual markings. In addition of the marking itself, the contract and stock numbers are for undershirts... but I've found nothing on the company. Is it an old reproduction? A re-use of cloth material? Someone who has destroyed an original one? Thanks in advance. Regards, Vertol
  13. Hello, I have the following bag I can not clearly identify as the markings are fainted. It seems to have "Bag Cotton Duck" and "CW???/GRA???" on the front side, and according to my researches it could be the bag for the GRA-39 (so it would be written CW-598/GRA-39). However, the pictures I have found on the Internet for this bag show the inner small pockets on the right an mine are on the left. The thing I don't understand, is that it seems that it is written "US 1943" on the inner flap, which doesn't correspond to this radio ?? I thank you in advance for your help. Regards,
  14. Thank you for your answers. I was asking for the bronzing as I have a short end of a M1907 sling (dated 1917) whose hook is bronzed.
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