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  1. Anyone recognize this pocket hanger? I can't find it any of my reference books. It was in a box with a Third Mike Force scarf (also pictured), but pretty sure it's unrelated. Thanks - cjb
  2. Thank you, sir. I will not use it with my mannequin, then. Still would like advice on what hi-Power was procured for use across the fence by CISO or the CIA, or if there is a different pistol which would better represent a common 'sterile' sidearm. I have heard of guys taking 1911s, as they were pretty ubiquitous by this time - Chris
  3. I recently bought this holster in an auction. It was described as a Vietnam era Hi-Power holster. What is the verdict on this? It's obviously not US mfg and doesn't look to be rigger made. I would like to put it with the web gear on my MAC V SOG mannequin. I would also like to acquire a Hi-Power to put in it, but am unsure as to which model was carried. I have heard Canadian, Belgian, German and even Chinese. Wood grips, plastic grips, shoulder stock slot, no slot. I could not find a satisfactory answer on the Forum, so any information would be greatly appreciated. It's very confusing and I w
  4. Tom - What an amazing relic. To me, a piece like this is what collecting is all about. I have a struck Tokarev (sadly, no provenance with it), but truthfully, I think this pistol is way cooler. My deepest sympathies on your friend's passing. I am so glad that you are here to cherish and care for this wonderful souvenir, a part of his legacy. I am also glad that you were able to get the story from him. It's so important that history like this is not lost. All my best to you, sir - Chris PS - what is the metal object with fins in the first photo?
  5. Thanks, Gil - my mistake. Will post more once I get his service records and photos - Chris
  6. Hi, Owen - There may be photos of him wearing them. His sister is going to copy his photos and send them at some point in the near future. The only photo I have of him at this point is the one I posted. If I get one of him in the tigers, I will post it. cjb
  7. I have all the gear pictured, except the grenade vest (and, of course, not the thumper!).
  8. Hello, all - Recently bought a massive late war VN group ('70 - '71) from the sister of a gent who was a grenadier (M-79). Not sure what unit he was in (sister is keeping his medals, service records, letters and photos, but has agreed to copy letters, photos and records for me and send them later) as the shoulder patch (also on one of his boonie hats, see pic in following post) is just generic FFV. The vet survived VN only to die in a motorcycle accident back at home. The tigers are very small (US-S inside collar, but hard to see as stamped over dark patch of camo). As evidenced by thir
  9. Hey, Militaria - Willkommen an bord! This is a great place to learn. Folks here will gladly share their knowledge and expertise, plus there are lots of great photos to learn from and compare to on just about any US military subject that you can think of, so don't be shy. Have fun and post away! Tschuss - Chris
  10. I got this from a friend who bought it in a goodwill store in the late 70's. Guess there's always the possibility that it could be a repro, but I doubt it. It would have been nice to have found a name ....
  11. Hi all - Recently added this custom camouflaged jacket to my burgeoning VN SF collection. Extra pockets sewn on the sleeves and spray painted 'cammo'. Is there a way for me to date this from the tags? There are no names, laundry marks or other markings anywhere on it. Never had name tape, shoulder patches or any rank indicators, as fading is uniform and no sewing holes. The collar tag says "Medium-Regular, Chest 37 to 41 inches, Height 67 to 71 inches, then 8405-935-4708". There is another tag on the inside of the jacket, sewn to the lower right pocket with washing instructions which a
  12. Jeez, Jack - a couple more pieces and you ought to have a pretty nice collection. Obviously, I'm kidding. Your collection is phenomenal and I dare say would be impossible to replicate if you had to start over. I'm sure most museum curators will look at this with envy and awe. I will PM you with information regarding research. Congratulations on your collection (any chance of you adopting me?) and thank you for your service to our country. Take care and keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing with us. Best wishes - Chris
  13. I would guess a militia unit, going by dark cuffs and stripe on trousers (unless the 'stripe' is a shadow of his musket). He's also pretty well equipped. I see you are in NY state. If the image was obtained locally, a NY militia would be a good guess. A lot of them wore gray uniforms. Did you pop the image out and look behind it? Sometimes there'll be a slip of paper or something in the case to identify it, or maybe something scratched into the back of the image. Can't tell what he's holding in his right hand - a sword or long bayonet? Something looks to be going off to the right from his hand
  14. Hey Lawguns - Welcome to the forum. Good bunch of folks here. Sounds like you're gonna be busy for a long time to come. Glad to give you my opinion on any WWII Marine items. You've got your work cut out for you, though. What kind of stuff was your pop into - Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam? Then there's the less frequently encountered stuff - Rev War, 1812, Indian Wars, Span Am, between conflicts... Was he into uniforms, helmets, gear, medals, paper, photos, weapons, and so on and so forth. Most folks here have one area in particular that they focus on, but there are some fellas who can c
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