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  1. I believe these 2 Bibles are from the Korean War. Metal front & back. The Bible cloth cover is a silver gray. Neither of these have a publishing date but one has a 1953 inscription inside & the other was in a mailer that was postmarked 1951.
  2. This Bible had a couple of letters in it. This letter is from his Mom who is giving him the Bible and she talks about it.
  3. May the Lord be with you This is unusual since it's made for a Jewish bible. It has a reverse style cover mounting so it aligns just right with the way a Jewish bible was laid out.
  4. Thought I would start a thread on just Heart Shield Bibles. I want to show as many different styles as possible I will share whats in my wife's collection & also photos of different styles of covers from EBay & the internet. May God be with you
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