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  1. This is the Chaplain figure I used. They were not painted.
  2. Thank you Chap 15. I'll get a close up pic. I just picked black as the color for the scarf. The photo I was using was B/W so it very well could have been purple. Sounds like I need to paint that scarf. That is great advice & thank you !!
  3. Thanks for the ideas & comments. The jeep is a Tamiya with a photoetch top & doors from Echelon Fine Details 1/35 Willys for Padre and Chaplain from EBay I do have helmets & weapons to add somewhere. On the ground next to the GI's I guess. That walkway is too shiny & I hadn't noticed. I can make it old & dirty looking. Definitely got to muddy those jeep tires too. I'll go with no snow. I cut the stained glass from a picture and put a thin sheet of clear plastic over it. Broke it in a few places and put a couple of broken pieces in the debris.
  4. I currently have 6 model projects going in various degrees of build. This dio I am making for my wife. She collects WWII Bibles & religious militaria. (and sweetheart pins and WASP stuff, LOL) It started as a Bastogne Christmas scene & I was planning on adding snow, but now I may just leave it as an anonymous town in Europe. Maybe a little snow in the corners, etc? Or should I leave the snow off and it can be in a warmer month? (I think no snow myself) I ordered another set of kneeling GIs because it seem like enough yet. So about 6 more GI's will be joining the service soon. Not sure where the jeep will go yet & I do have a sitting figure drinking coffee I can put in it. Maybe talking to a standing GI? Or would that be rude during the Chaplains sermon? The Chaplain is a resin figure from EBay, kneeling guys are from Bronco , Ruins are from Italeri (I think) Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.
  5. Cool. I always like new innovative display ideas.
  6. FOR THE MORNING CALL | MAR 17, 2020 | 8:29 AM Lafayette professor and Easton resident Donald L. Miller remembers exactly where he was six years ago when he got the call from Tom Hanks telling him that Hanks and producing partner Steven Spielberg were planning on turning Miller’s World War II book “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought The Air War Against Nazi Germany” into a $200 million mini-series. “I was pulling out of the Bethlehem Library when my phone rang,” recalls Miller. “I was pretty happy about the news." But the best-selling author didn’t have too much time to revel in his good fortune. “I had three of my grandchildren with me and I said, ‘You guys have to be quiet I have someone important on the phone.’ And my granddaughter said, ‘I’m important too!’ And she is.” Now, after a few years and a number of speedbumps, including a move from HBO to AppleTV, “Masters of the Air” is finally beginning production outside London. “We’re in the casting process right now,” says Miller. “The scripts are done and we’re hiring actors, directors and producers.” The project, which will be produced by Spielberg’s Amblin Television, and Hanks and Gary Goetzman’s Playtone, is set to focus on the 100th Bombardment Group of the Eighth Air Force. The series, like the book, will chronicle the stories of the airmen who helped to make D-Day possible, among other achievements. Expected to run eight or 10 hours, the series will also depict life in wartime England, where the 100th Group was stationed, as well as in German prison camps, where thousands of fliers were incarcerated during the war. Miller says the goal of the creative team behind “Masters of the Air” is to turn out an accurate yet personal mini-series that promises to do for the Air Force what Spielberg and Hanks’ acclaimed “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific” did for the Army and the Marines, respectively. “Tom said he wanted a film – and he calls it a film – that has fidelity and is completely without clichés,” notes Miller of the actor, who has recently been in the hospital in Australia, where he was diagnosed with coronavirus. “We want to change people’s conceptions and misconceptions of the air war.” One of those misconceptions is that bombing is impersonal. “It is, in fact, intensely personal,” says Miller whose father fought in the Eighth Air Force. “You’ve got 10 guys in a [airplane]. Even more so than on the ground, there was a solidarity among those guys. “Very few GIs or Marines saw the enemy killed but up high, the airman often were looking right into the eyes of the enemy pilots.” A native of Reading, Miller joined the Lafayette College faculty in 1978. He is currently promoting a new book called “Vicksburg” about a key Civil War battle. He’s also written a handful of books about World War II and served as a writer and historical consultant for “WWII in HD,” which aired on the History Channel in 2009, two “American Experience” docs “Victory In The Pacific” (2005) and “The Bombing of Germany” (2010) and “The Pacific” (2010). “(Ernest) Hemingway was right,” says Miller. “He said, ‘There’s nothing in human history that has more drama than war.’” Amy Longsdorf is a Morning Call contributor.
  7. Nice display. That SBD is just awesome!
  8. Wow, very realistic !! The uniforms look like they are actually made of cloth. An awesome vignette.
  9. WOW. That is very impressive work!!
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