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  1. Cold War- I was issued a pair like this in 1971 as a ground radio technician. Green wool tight fitting gloves could fit inside these black leather shells.
  2. Very nice! If are not keeping these historical and rare collectibles you should consider selling the parachute and first aid separately.
  3. You did awesome! Thanks for sharing your outstanding tribute to an American patriot and air war hero!
  4. Very interesting indeed! Thanks for the new information.
  5. Manufactured by Douglas Aicraft Corporation in 1936 & 1937. Jeff
  6. I believe this is an O-46A aircraft but won't put money on it.
  7. Very nice! What an American Hero! RIP
  8. Franck- thank you for the historical information! Jeff
  9. For Anyone Looking for a 1960's Parachute Rig search on EBAY, for the above item, by entering 112054208581
  10. KORAT is an Air Base in Thailand that had F-4s and AC-130 gunships in 1973 & 1974.
  11. I appreciate the riser release details. I think I will take it to a parachute rigger for a canopy inspection and also take some pictures. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
  12. Very interesting and well written after action report that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Ed!
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