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  1. Thanks for all your messages, with Gliderborne we try to share histories more as possible of Glider pilots. Take nice pictures of some items is the first step of our virtual museum before do a real museum. (maybe in many many years but it’s the aim). If I understood correctly, I use Patafix Glue Pads Sticks for hold them.
  2. Unknown pilot - Silver 3 " - Pin Back : Counterfeit - Angus & Coote hallmarked 3 " - Pin Back : No an expert in wings, if something is wrong feel free to tell me. Matt
  3. Unknown pilot - Amcraft, Attelboro, Mass, Sterling 3 " - Pin Back : Unknown pilot - Sterling 3 " - Clutch Back :
  4. Unknown pilot - from french auction (museum/old collection) : 3" - Sterling - Pin Back Unknown pilot - Firmin & Sons - 3 » - Pin Back :
  5. Pilote : Robert Francis MCCLURG - Apr 7, 1914 / Jul 31, 1997 3" - Sterling (?) - Clutch Back 3" - (?) - Clutch Back
  6. Hi , For our future exhibits around our glider or parts of our glider Waco CG-4A, we start collection of glider pilot equipment. Of course Glider wings badges are present. Like for our project, we enjoy more to have a poor condition item with an history than an New Old Stock. After war made or copies are interesting if they tell an story too. Wings whose pilot is known: Edgar Eugene LLEWELLYN Killed in Line of Duty Jun 7, 1943 3" - Meyer, Sterling - Pin Back William David WILLIAMS - ? / Nov 9, 2000 3 " - Sterling
  7. Thanks for your answer mtnman No problem if it's a counterfeit, I just want to share on our FB page the true and show as a counterfeit. I do some reenactment and I will enjoy to put this wings on my shirt. A very nice made with nice patina.
  8. Hello, I don't understand, all A&G hallmarked wings are counterfeit ? I start a glider wings collection, mainly for the name of the first owner and his history. But collect original variants is nice, as well copies. Just want to know the true about each piece for share correctly informations. I bought this A&G to a professional (and friend) who I know since many years. So I need to put this wings in the counterfeit wings box ? ( "&" on the counterfeit wings is vertically set to perfection)
  9. One of our last discovery are the doors for the Glider Waco CG-4A (main and emergency) :
  10. Valve Vacuum (Regulation Valve) is a uncommon part. A friend bought the set, I got this part with the jump lamp (maybe for glider waco).
  11. Lovely control panel Nice find. Missing switch is an AN3022-4B (two other are Switch AN3022-1B) Seem to be a « late » production (around 44).
  12. Hello, I’m back. Sorry outlook.live.com put all message for forum in spam box and a lot of work did the rest. Yes we are more on Facebook, it’s easier to contact us over there or use our email address contact{at]gliderborne.com About the project, we are in touch with some museum and private collection for restore more Gliders. Beautiful things are coming. 2019 is a big year for us with the 75th of D-Day and end of war in Europe. We don't do big exhibits, but we found nice stuff for the futures. We plan to come in USA in the next months or years for v
  13. Thank you for your message Ronnie. I don't know if we need luck, but we need help from everybody who like our project. Simply make advertisement and this may help us to find the 70 000 parts of a Waco. On Facebook, it's so easy, just put a like on our page. A new part arrived : a bench for three gliderman carried by the glider Waco with thirteen others on 4 bench and one jump seat.
  14. Is the nuts who are missing ? Some instruments, like altimeter, are a little more long than 3/4.
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