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  1. My dream would be to find the suit, as in the photo with the gunner!
  2. Wow, very nice! Good catch (and luck)!
  3. To discuss: Maybe lots of you didn't see this. Few but very good quality pics. Question: in the movie they didn't use only original (use in VN I mean) stuff? https://www.theguardian.com/film/gallery/2019/may/30/the-horror-apocalypse-now-unseen-in-pictures
  4. Hi there! Yep but I was talking about the leather helmet! Nice collection anyway!
  5. How fantasy, Mr. fashion designer!
  6. Nice Jerry! Nice addition to your great collection!
  7. Yep, absolutely nice and original, one of the finest ever! Told to your friend to keep it lovingly!
  8. Hi guys, happy new year! Floating the web I've been stumbled upon this. Even quite dramatic (for having unsealed stuff closed for 75 years) is very interesting! Enjoy it!
  9. Hi mates! I would like buy the definitive garnment against the winter. My choose has falling down to the N3B artic jacket. I'm sure that fot the cold there's nothing better... but with the rain? Someone tolds me that is not properly waterproof, is correct? Thanks in advance for yours thoughts. Regards,
  10. Hi John! Thanks a lot for your reply! Take care!
  11. Hi there members! Does anybody could help me to identificate this watch? Would be apreciate also knows the value. Thanks in advance,
  12. Very nice stuff and pics! A Jacket I had always loved. Congrats buddies!
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