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  1. Thanks again for all of the helpful information. I decided to list this in the for sale section...it is a bit out of my collecting wheel house.
  2. Yesterday I made a quick trip to the bank before heading off for work. I saw a garage sale and reluctantly stopped because I was in huge hurry. I saw nothing of interest, but still asked if they had anything military related. He said, "No". After thanking him and walking towards my truck he asked, "What type of things are you looking for?". I replied, "patches, medals, ribbons, photos...pretty much anything military related". He said just a minute and walked into the house and a few moments later he came out with these items in a tattered ziplock bag. He said they were his fathers during his
  3. Thank you very much for the information and the kind comments. I posted the rest of the veteran's items and a short story in the grouping section. Again, thank you for taking the time to view and comment. Best Regards, John
  4. Thanks to everyone for the kind responses!! I too find it to be a beautiful Ike and the patches amazing. I'm sorry for the delayed response...I work nights and I posted right as I was leaving. During the day I sleep and spend my waking hours remodeling our home. I originally saw a helmet sitting in a garage while attending a yard sale over 8 years ago. The veteran was deceased, but his wife didn't want to sale it. I stopped by the house again a couple years later and the wife still didn't want to sale, but her daughter was visiting from out of state and took my name and number. Low and be
  5. Today I purchased an ID'd group that belonged to WWII era soldier that also was an entertainer. I purchased these items directly from his daughter and she stated that he served as an MP/guard and also a part time entertainer of the troops. I believe he was assigned to the 3rd Special Service Company...I have a rubber stamp of his that has, "Script & Score" 3rd Special Service Co., APO 225 US Army. As you can see from his ribbons, he also served in the Merchant Marines early in the War. I also purchased his fixed bail helmet and service uniform (haven't taken photos yet). Hope you e
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