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    WW2 US militaria, ranging from weapons to uniforms to equipment. Always buying US WW2 demolition related items. I consider every offer.
    Check out my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/usdemolitionww2
  1. For reference, check out this thread. The WB... marking rang a bell.
  2. Hi all, while doing some research on US glider pilots in WW2 I was wondering which rank they held. Were glider pilots always officers, and if so, what rank did they hold? Same question goes if they are not required to be officers. Thanks in advance for your assistance! Regards, Stijn
  3. And for comparison: the small strip of canvas which holds the lift the dot in the M1A1 bag looks to be absent on the other period picture.
  4. I also found a wartime picture, of what I believe is the same pouch in use. The pouch on the hip of the paratrooper to the left seems to have this same pouch. It looks like the M1A1 training bag, but seems more in line construction wise to the pouch discussed. Also, no text can be seen on the face of the pouch. It clearly sports a gas mask. You can see the outline of it.
  5. Hi all, its been a while, but wanted to share this information I found here. I've had said bag for a few years now, and recently acquired another one. Unfortunately this example does not have its straps anymore. They are almost exact in construction. They both have the same features: -black thread used for stitching -nickel plated 'Lift the dot' -canvas (although different in shade) -same clasp -same hbt twill for the strap material And most interestingly, they both have a hole in the bottom, exactly at the same location.
  6. Hi all, about rank chevrons on combat clothing: What would be representative for a US paratrooper in Operation Husky (june 1943 period)? Wool? Woven? Or are both acceptable? Thanks for your advice!
  7. Very nice antoine. Liked that one also on your display in saint lo 2 years ago! Kind regards, Stijn
  8. Thanks Etienne, very kind of you. When the time comes, I know who to contact. Most of the stuff I already have, a mint talker helmet with strap, some radio gear and the N type jacket and trousers. The jacket is actually from the USS Rock, the Executive Officers jacket in fact. Regards, Stijn
  9. Supernice Etienne! Damn, now I want one too! Can you tell us a little more about the the cap he is wearing and the headset with microphone? Kind regards, Stijn
  10. I will change a few things, like the boots, add a backpack with an overcoat,and find a suitable helmet cover. Kind regards, Stijn
  11. I quite like the setup, I hope you all do to. Regards, Stijn
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