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  1. I bought a lot off a guy that walked into the store and this was included. I have no idea what it is and no amount of searching google helped. On the outer flap is printed: Pouch 68 35 A or Pouch 68 33 A, I can't quite read it clearly. Can anyone help?
  2. Sully

    estate sale

    It is a put together. Those ribbons are Army and the red one is a Meritorious Unit Citation. That should be over the other pocket. What collar brass is on that?
  3. Thankfully you rescued it. I've seen some horrors that those "Artists" do to militaria on that site.
  4. I collect 28th Infantry Division and some other Pennsylvania related things. I've been looking for items related to Medical Evacuation Hospital Baltimore. That is where my Great-Grandfather served.
  5. I don't see a lot of interest in the First World War around my area. I of course have collectors as friends but none of them except for weapon collectors have any interest in WW1 items. I have been interested in WW1 since I learned that my Great-Grandfather served in it. He and I share our birthday's only 88 years apart. In my store very few even look at what few WW1 items I have out for sale. I do keep some of what comes in as it fits what I collect. 28th Infantry Division.
  6. Vietnamese made patches used a lot of velvet but again you have to be careful with those.
  7. The age of the ribbons and unit patches make no sense on that uniform. Modern dress green jacket and PFC rank with WW2 ribbons?
  8. There are several importers already over here. I have a good friend here in PA that bought a BMP off an importer out in Wisconsin.
  9. Was this book written/published in England? When I worked at a book store we would get in these weapon books and all were from an English publishing group. So many errors all over the book. It showed an image of a M1903A4 and described it as an M1 Garand. Where it described the M1A1 Thompson the image was a Reising. So on and So on throughout the book.
  10. Kids size tigerstripe jumpsuit. Made in Thailand. Is this a squadron patch or just a nonsense piece for the costume?
  11. Just looking opinions on these two patches that came in.
  12. Some scrapper probably drove out into the desert bombing range and picked up a UXO to turn in for the metal. They may have just thought it was a dummy. I have dummy ordnance in my collection that has come from local scrap yards. All of it is painted blue unless it is just a spent casing.
  13. Well you just made this Tanker and WW1 enthusiast very happy. Thank you for sharing.
  14. That is an awesome piece. I don't think I've ever seen another WW1 era tank scroll photo.
  15. And now I feel I should have read the title better. Sorry.
  16. That is a very impressive ashtray. Interesting use of the honey comb covers for arty round tubes and a bazooka round.
  17. I can believe that guys in Korea would have wanted some of these. I have never seen any foreign made US items post WW2. Other than some contracted ammunition.
  18. I recently picked up two M1949 sleeping bags and the one has a contract for a manufacturer in Japan. Has anyone else seen foreign made sleeping bags? Also are these rare/uncommon?
  19. It had originally been given to family that had interest in it when he passed 35 years ago. That line of the family no longer had interest in it and passed it on to me. I have a huge interest in WW1 and I was even born on my Great Grandfather's birthday.
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