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    Cigar Box Full

    I had a cigar box full of insignia walk into the shop. Some 1950's and it goes much earlier from there. 5 DI's I'm going to need some help IDing them. WW1 US collar brass Several Wings, Observer and collar brass Liberty Bond pins WW2 Silver Star Buttons of varying ages, I need some help on those also WW2 Chief Petty Officer rank WW2 Insignia ID book dated 1943 USAAF ring, very heavy and marked sterling 4th AAF patch Mine Craft Crewman patch A couple of property tags Finally a 28th ID sweetheart piece.
  2. It is early. Pre1920 at least, most likely pre1900 with that clasp style.
  3. There aren't any attachment marks because the decoration is just a slide on. The star in the wreath is still underneath the helmet, it was just covered. As for the red and blue back ground, were there ever variations of this DI? I'm not trying to be defensive about my purchase, I'd just like to know more about them.
  4. I wonder if it would be worth it to remove the decoration then. They are held on only by a small amount of glue on the reverse. The helmet, torch and branches are loose.
  5. I just got these off one of my regulars today. He does estate clean outs and every couple months brings me a pile of stuff. Mixed in with all of it were these two DI's. I managed to find that they are for the 144th Infantry but I don't know what or why the caps were added. Can anyone give me some insight?
  6. That is one of the rarest versions of the M1 carbine pouch. Only Avery used nylon edging.
  7. I'm seeing quite a few PA National Guard DI's in there.
  8. Like and I look forward to being able watch the film. Anything 28th related has my interest.
  9. Salvage Sailor. Thank you for the help on this one. Seeing that you live in Hawaii I can understand you having no need of your jacket for 35 years. I found the liner in the upper level of a barn sale over the summer along with a few other military items dating from WW2 to the 1950's.
  10. This past Thursday I bought a collection from a storage locker. Mixed in with everything was this bag. The main pocket has one large and one small pouch. There are two narrow side pouches and tie down straps that I figure are leg straps. Wide shoulder strap with a spring hook at the apex. Only markings are the US on the flap and on the inside of the flap is marked: SEA-88-G-001-003. Any help is appreciated. Here are the photos of the bag graciously modeled by my backroom dummy.
  11. It isn't a mortar. I'm thinking some kind of air dropped munition. Either a rocket or bomb.
  12. The Colonel's cap looks to be a Vietnamese made Ridgeway Cap. That heavy stitching reminds me of other Vietnamese theater made caps.
  13. You did and I would expect nothing less.
  14. I'm thinking this was someone's costume. Rothco did not make uniforms for the military and what general would wear his rank upside down? Complete fantasy piece.
  15. I picked this up at a yard sale over the summer and haven't been able to find out exactly what it is. The only thing I've been told is that it could be a flight jacket or flight suit liner. It is made of nylon with snaps going around the collar and chest. Navy Department Contract NO: N 140-62236s-38763B
  16. Not an issue item. Some troops may have purchased these BDU's individually to replace issue items that wore out. Rothco uniforms are quite cheap and it is a way to stretch your clothing allowance.
  17. Found this 24th Infantry Division Officer's Dress Green Jacket yesterday. I had first found two pair of officer dress green pants back in the men's clothing section and I was thinking to bad I didn't find the rest of the uniform. As I was walking up to the check out I saw the patch sticking out on the Halloween rack. Nothing to special about it. It has been stripped of all ribbons, rank and DI's but I did find the strangest thing yet that I've seen in the pocket of a goodwill find. A head of garlic with four extra pocket buttons.
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