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  1. The colors for the chemical corps or the chemical warfare service are cobalt blue and yellow. The only early CWS patch not in these colors is the CW School patch.


    One has to be careful with the claims and his/her money with that site.


    I just happened to be skimming that site and saw the listing. I never bought anything there or have heard of it's reputation.

  2. Interesting uniform. Che was killed in 1967, which probably pre-dates the uniform. It looks like a few that were involved in his capture were wearing od jungle jackets (Bolivian Special Forces). The CIA were involved as well.


    I figure that as well. The Bolivians didn't even adopt this camo till the early 1980's. SGT Gregg served from the early 60's to the mid 80's. He could have been involved but not in this uniform.

  3. I acquired quite a bit that belonged to single SF soldier. Mixed in with the normal jungle fatigues and ERDL was this set.


    I know to buy the item but the story with this set is that he was involved in the raid that killed Che Guevara.


    Bolivian made uniform, jacket and pants. Similar to either our woodland or ERDL. All pockets have exposed buttons.


  4. Here is a close up on the buttons and wings.


    One is a USN cuff button but I don't know what era


    The one with the B on it I'm unsure if it is military or not. Two piece stamped brass and says Superior Quality on the reverse.


    The other with Eagle and shield is also two piece construction brass on steel and is unmarked.


  5. Here are the DI's.


    I did ID the 38th FA DI the other four I'm unsure of.


    The "Attack to Defend" is multipart construction unmarked and has WW2 clutch backs


    Fortitude and Courage is made by Meyer newer clutch back but not to modern


    The two on the card are Ira Green




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